Traveling can be fast-paced and tumultuous, but it's not impossible to maintain a decent skincare routine on the go. However, one product you shouldn’t bring on vacation is retinol; while retinol has plenty of benefits for wrinkles, acne, and more, it can also be drying and makes your skin very sensitive when exposed to the sun.
During a fun-in-the-sun vacation, you may forget to reapply SPF, which can lead retinol products to dry out your skin and cause UV damage. Cosmetic doctor Rita Nandi says to skip retinol "a few days before and after a summer vacation or beach day," and if you plan on spending even more time in the sun, avoid retinol "one to two weeks before and after."
Also, different destinations will have different climates and humidity levels, so it’s best to skip potentially irritating products like retinol and allow your skin to adjust to the new environment. As for products you should pack, always carry sunscreen, a cleanser (or use makeup wipes in a pinch), and a moisturizer to protect your skin on vacay.