For the Busby family of TLC's “Outdaughtered, a typical minivan can't fit couple Adam and Danielle and their six daughters, so they drive in a commercial van that seats 12 people. Another interesting fact about the family's way of getting around is that Adam is almost never seen driving in the show.
If only a few Busby daughters need to be driven around, they go in a smaller SUV, but it’s always their mom, Danielle Busby, who drives them. According to The World News Daily, Danielle likes to drive since she gets carsick, and doesn’t want to puke in the car while Adam is driving.
In a 2017 tweet, a fan asked why Danielle is the one always driving, to which she replied, “Adam drives like a maniac and I get car sick so easily especially after having the [quintuplets].” However, Adam recently drove an RV for a family trip, and Danielle commented on Instagram, “Omg!! He is driving!!! And I'm NOT PUKING!!”