Whatever Happened To Nicole's Sister Taylor On Days Of Our Lives?

"Days of Our Lives" fans have been watching Arianne Zucker create trouble in Salem as Nicole Walker for decades. The character was first introduced to fans in 1998 when she met Eric Brady (then Jensen Ackles). The couple fell hard for each other but went on to have a rocky relationship (via Soaps in Depth). Through the years, Nicole's family was also introduced to viewers, including her mother Fay Walker (Valerie Wildman), who came to Salem with a big secret. Later, Nicole's brother, Brandon Walker (Matt Cedeno) showed up as well and it was discovered that he was the son of Fay and Abe Carver (James Reynolds), per Soap Opera News.

During Brandon's time in Salem, he was at the center of plenty of romantic drama, having flings with Lexie Carver (Renee Jones) and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) before marrying characters such as Angela Moroni (Ayda Field) and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney).

Although Nicole's mother and brother certainly stole the spotlight in many storylines, her sister, Taylor Walker — played by Tamara Braun in one of her many soap opera character roles – also proved to be the source of some drama during her time in Salem.

Taylor and Nicole's reunion wasn't exactly happy

The character of Taylor Walker has been played by three actresses over the years. Katherine Ellis originated the role in 1998 before leaving the following year. In 2011 Natalia Livingston stepped into Taylor's shoes, and later that year Tamara Braun took over the role, per Soap Central.

"Days of Our Lives" fans met Taylor when she was working as a part of the janitorial staff at Titan Industries. It was there that she and Eric Brady began a friendship, which led her sister Nicole Walker to become jealous. Of course, Taylor developed feelings for Eric, which caused issues between her and her sister. In addition, Taylor's presence in Salem brought up traumatic memories of her father's abuse for Nicole (via Soaps).

Later, when Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) was injured in a car accident, his mother Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) hired Taylor to help take care of him and offered her room and board at the Kiriakis mansion. Taylor eventually began modeling but left town to attend college. A few years later, Taylor returned to Salem, and this time her relationship with Nicole was really put to the test when it turned out that the sisters were both in love with the same man again.

Taylor stole Nicole's husband EJ

In 2011, "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Taylor Walker return to Salem, where she met EJ DiMera (then James Scott) before reuniting with her sister, Nicole Walker. There were instant sparks between Taylor and EJ, but later Taylor found out that EJ and Nicole were engaged to be married. Nicole wasn't happy to see her sister back in town, but asked her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding to EJ anyway (via Soaps). Nicole and EJ got married and Nicole even asked her sister to move into the DiMera mansion with her.

However, this proved to be a mistake as Taylor and EJ couldn't seem to stay away from each other and began having an affair. Taylor had a guilty conscience about betraying her sister, but her love for EJ didn't waver. Despite his marriage to Nicole, the two began a relationship and eventually EJ dumped Nicole and got engaged to Taylor, per Soap Central. However, just a few days following EJ and Taylor's engagement, she learned that her fiancé hired the man that killed her mother. Taylor called off the engagement and later reunited with her former boyfriend, Quinn Hudson.

Taylor and Quinn went down a rocky road, but eventually rekindled their romance and left Salem together. EJ and Nicole also ended up getting back together for a time following his relationship with Taylor (via Soaps in Depth), making the story even more dramatic and messy for fans to enjoy.