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The List is a news and lifestyle brand covering all things beauty, style, nutrition, relationships, and pop culture, as well as the hot-button social and political issues of today. Whether you're looking for what's going on with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, recommendations on what sunscreen to buy, or how to create a killer online dating profile, we've got you covered.

Since our launch in 2016 by Static Media, our goal has been to help you stay well-informed and up to date on all the things you're interested in – from deciding if the expensive night cream you've been eyeing is really worth the splurge, to political decisions and how they might affect you and your community. We do this by providing you with the latest news, along with explainers, tips, detailed how-to guides, and interviews with professionals across various fields. Our team regularly consults with celebrity stylists, fashion experts, sex experts, psychologists, body language experts, dermatologists, astrologers, and other insiders whose knowledge gives our stories greater context and trustworthy insights. What you get from The List is the real deal.

As one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands on the web, The List aims to be a platform that is inclusive, forward-thinking, and supportive. Through our website, we reach a diverse and multi-generational audience of more than 21 million people every month, and we want to make sure that every person who comes to visit us feels seen and validated. That's why on our site, you'll find exclusive interviews discussing body positivity, as well as recommendations for all the Black-owned beauty brands you need to try, and tips for where to find accessible mental health care.

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No matter who you are, The List has what you need, whether it's real-life news or a break from it.

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