The Britney Spears Song You Should Listen To If You're A Scorpio

If your birthday is between October 23 and November 21, you're a Scorpio. People belonging to this intense water sign are typically courageous, loyal, suspicious, honest, and determined, via Astrology Zodiac Signs. This sign is known for its passion, so a Scorpio should marry someone who shares that deep, fiery attitude to ensure an exciting and equal relationship. And since this water sign is so intense, a Scorpio should consider reading poetry collections or frequently listening to music to have a creative outlet to connect with their many thoughts and feelings.

Any Scorpios looking for some music to vibe to should listen to Britney Spears if they don't already. Spears is very passionate, as she's not afraid to share blunt, honest thoughts and opinions on Instagram. While more wholesome or delicate zodiac signs may be uncomfortable when hearing Spears' darker and more intense words and lyrics, deep Scorpios will likely appreciate the singer's truthful nature. One of Spears' songs captures the Scorpio vibe through the lyrics and music video.

The sultry lyrics in Slumber Party scream Scorpio

Scorpios are notorious for loving sex, giving them an accurate reputation for being the most sexual zodiac sign, per POPSUGAR. Since Scorpios infamously enjoy participating in and talking about sexual activity, they're likely to enjoy listening to songs about sex or songs that feature some highly sexual lyrics. "Slumber Party" by Britney Spears, featuring Tinashe, features many sexy lyrics, such as "sheets all the floor just like an ocean, building up your fortress like a mountain," via YouTube.

One of the most provocative recurring lyrics in the song is the line from the chorus, "we use our bodies to make our own videos." This sexual lyric will likely appeal to a Scorpio's intense mindset and might even inspire that bold water sign to play this song while they're with a romantic partner or while pleasuring themselves. Furthermore, Tinashe sings the promiscuous lyric, "if there's seven minutes in heaven, make it double, triple." We can picture a Scorpio playing this song to set the mood for a spicy game of seven minutes in heaven! Thus, the lyrics in this song are only for people who like sexual, passionate music — like Scorpios.

Scorpios will love the sexy music video

Britney Spears's "Slumber Party" music video is just as provocative as the song's lyrics, as Spears and Tinashe show a lot of skin, leaving little to the imagination for viewers. For instance, Spears wears a light blue bra top and an ultra-high-low matching poofy skirt during part of the video, and Tinashe wears figure-hugging lingerie. But the provocativeness in the video isn't limited to outfits.

Many scenes in the music video have a highly sexual undertone. For example, while Tinashe sings her part of the song, she and Spears get very close to each other, touching each other and leaning into one another's space with flirty expressions on their faces. Another seductive scene in the video consists of a man sitting at a table as Spears slowly crawls toward him in lingerie and fish nets, drinking the beverage he spilled off the table. The man appears mesmerized by Spears as if she put a sexual spell on him. One more promiscuous scene in the video involves Spears lying on the floor with other guests from the "slumber party" as all their bodies overlap and they appear aroused, possibly implying that group sex occurred.

Some people may consider the video too sexual or intense. However, Scorpios have high sex drives and kinky desires, via Astrotalk, so people belonging to this sign will likely enjoy the sexual aspects of the video rather than be intimidated by them.