Meghan Markle's Stunning Fashion Since She's Been With Harry

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Meghan Markle has taken the world by storm, and not just because she's married to Prince Harry. Of course, that doesn't hurt. Much like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Markle's fashion choices are of central discussion. Balancing the modesty of British royalty with the trends of today is no easy feat, but Markle has proven she's up to the challenge. Not only that, but she also far exceeds public expectations, and even creates her own trends worthy of imitation. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans looking to emulate Markle's fashion have already crashed websites and depleted inventory in mere moments. Do Markle's outfits truly merit the frenzy they cause? There's only one way find out — and that's to see for yourself.

Casual chic

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first appeared in public together at the Invictus Games in Toronto. Both Harry and Markle decided to go with casual outfits for the event. Markle's intentionally ripped jeans, a fun-yet-untraditional choice for the future Duchess of Cambridge, looked great paired with a white loose-fitting collared shirt. Vogue reported that it was fittingly called "The Husband," and, whether Markle chose the shirt for its name or not, fans enjoyed speculating about the play on words.

To tie the casual-chic look together, Markle opted for these gorgeous British brand Finlay & Co sunglasses (that also happen to slightly match Harry's) pictured here, making this outfit both chic and practical for an outdoor sporting event.

Modern royalty

Has Meghan Markle lost her individuality now that she's married to a prince? Not at all. Before Harry and Markle began dating, Markle's style was just as unique. While attending the Herve Leger by Azria fashion show back in February 2014, Markle paired a delicate white dress with a studded leather jacket. The contrast of the two pieces made for a stunning outfit worth remembering.

Some years have passed since then, and Markle is now entering the realm of British royalty. However, her affinity for beautiful dresses coupled with leather jackets remain. At the opening of the Invictus Games in Canada, when Harry and Markle were lowkey dating, Markle wore a pleated burgundy gown along with a burgundy leather jacket. It's great to see a strong woman like Markle stay committed to her originality and sense of self, while also taking on the oft-conservative royal lifestyle.

That amazing hunter green dress

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down with BBC for their first official interview as an engaged couple, two things were apparent — how in love they are and how gorgeous Markle's hunter green dress was! So gorgeous, indeed, that it sold out soon after the interview aired.

The knee-length sleeveless dress by P.A.R.O.S.H. features a bow detail on the side of the waist and falls to the knee. The hunter green dress, now dubbed "The Megan," was unavailable for a time, but as of March 2018, the dress 93 percent wool dress was back in stock for just over $400. 

Bye-bye pantyhose

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posed for engagement photos outside of Kensington Palace and fans were, quite rightfully, focused on Markle's glamorous engagement ring. However, it didn't take long after the pictures began surfacing online for people to notice something else — Markle's legs. More specifically, Markle's bare legs.

If you're thinking, 'So what?', it's important to remember whose family she married into. The Cut explains, "The royal family seems to enforce a strict, unspoken pantyhose policy. Everyone wears them. Except for Markle, apparently." Even Duchess Kate Middleton doesn't dare go bare.

The Cut continued, "Perhaps as the spotlight shifts towards Markle and away from Middleton, the panty hose pendulum will swing the other way as well. Markle's choice to not wear panty hose suggests the same thing as her easygoing demeanor in her post-engagement interview... Meghan Markle is real; what you see is what you get."

While the Queen may prefer the Royal women to wear pantyhose, there is something to be said for being authentic, even if it means revealing those au naturale limbs.

Totes for every occassion

During her first public appearance with then-boyfriend Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was photographed clutching a large Everlane Day Market Tote. Refinery29 reported that, like most other items worn by Markle, the cognac-colored bag sold out after fans discovered the brand. According to, it will return on January 4 for only $165, which is a steal for Italian leather!

Of course, that's not Markle's one-and-only bag. In hand for Markle's first official outing with Harry was a gorgeous Strathberry tote. Glamour describes the "bordeaux leather exterior" and the "peacock-blue fold and vanilla handle held in place by a gold crossbar" — a beautiful bag, no doubt.

Glamour also reports, "[The] bag sold out in 11 minutes. Eleven! The bag, by the way, goes for £495, or $667 at today's exchange rate." Clearly, Markle isn't the only one loving tote bags.

Pleasing the Queen

Markle may have forewent the Queen's unspoken recommendation of wearing pantyhose, but that doesn't mean she disrespects the royal dress code. Markle has actually made some pretty big changes to her wardrobe, while still maintaining her sense of style.

Since dating Prince Harry, Markle has traded in her shorts and short skirts for dresses and skirts with longer hemlines. We don't know if Markle misses her previous leggy style, but she looks equally stunning in midi skirts, like this cotton khaki-colored one by Joseph, which, as of December 2017, is on sale for $626.

Suave in suede

It isn't just the clothes that make Meghan Markle a style icon, it's also how she accessorizes, and her shoes are no exception. Slightly hidden by her Joseph midi skirt were Markle's jet black suede boots. You could make the assumption that Markle's boots were standard height: knee-high. Surprisingly, though, they're actually over-the-knee boots by Kurt Geiger. These boots no doubt kept Markle warm while greeting folks in Nottingham, and they serve to prove, once again, the uniqueness of Markle's style. also explains these boots maintain "a pop of colour through burgundy lining." Of course, no one in the crowd would see the burgundy lining. Yet and still, the lining matched her Strathberry tote. If that's not the definition of put together, what is?

All dressed in white

If you love Meghan Markle's white engagement coat, you're not alone. Harper's Bazaar reports, "The white wrap coat by Canadian brand Line The Label sold out within minutes of the soon-to-be royal wearing it at Monday's photocall."

If you were planning to purchase it this winter, there's still hope. Come February 2018, it should be back in stock and, according to Harper's Bazaar, "The label's co-founder and president, John Muscat, has already renamed the piece 'the Meghan' in the actress' honour." 

Wearing a white coat to announce her engagement to Harry was a great touch. Not to mention, her winter-wear looked stunning with the hunter green dress peaking out from underneath.

Even warmer winterwear

Not long after sporting her snow white winter coat to announce her engagement alongside fiancé Prince Harry, Meghan Markle greeted well-wishers in Nottingham wearing another remarkable coat, this time a gorgeous navy blue full-length one by Mackage. describes the coat they sell as "a maxi length, cashmere blend wool coat with a semi-fitted silhouette and subtly asymmetrical collar. Double-button closure with contoured panel at front, buttoned at collar for an elegant fit. Angled welt side pockets with leather trim. Classic epaulettes and buttoned cuff" and retails for $750. 

The site also shows a picture of Markle wearing the coat alongside Prince Harry. Despite the relatively high price, this coat has no problem selling. In fact, as of December 2017 it is only available for pre-order with only one size remaining.

What wedding gown will Markle choose?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left everyone wondering about the dress. Given Markle's distinctive personal style, we all knew her gown would be exquisite. Would she have a long train like both Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton or would she look to change things up?

When the big day finally arrived, Markle did not disappoint. Her dress was stunning, not only in it's beauty, but it's simplicity — it featured a bateau neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a long, flowing train. The lack of sparkle in the dress was shocking to many who expected more shimmer for a royal bride (after all, don't all fairy tale weddings include diamond-encrusted gowns?) but provided her with a classic look that will certainly stand the test of time. She wasn't completely without bling, though. Her gorgeous veil was held in place by a diamond bandeau tiara on loan from Queen Mary herself. The tiara dates back to 1932, and the center brooch was made in 1893.

According to Kensington Palace, the dress was designed by acclaimed British designer, Clare Waight Keller, who became the first female artistic director at Givenchy in 2017.