General Hospital's Laura Wright Celebrates Her Birthday By Celebrating Her True Self

"Guiding Light" alum Laura Wright — who currently plays Carly Corinthos on "General Hospital" — celebrated her birthday. The occasion was particularly highlighted when her boyfriend and former "GH" castmate Wes Ramsey posted a loving tribute to her on Instagram. Wright has become a fan favorite, especially since Carly and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) have been married several times on the show. Although they've split up and reconnected often, the soap couple has leveled up to super couple status among fans. While Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss, Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on "The Bold and the Beautiful" hold the record for getting married eight times, per Soaps She Knows, Carly and Sonny's four marriages are nothing to sneeze at. 

In real life, Wright had gotten divorced only once and afterward she re-connected with Ramsey who was also a former "Guiding Light" star. Ramsey's recent post, and the fan reaction to it, showed that the fans are deeply interested in the actors' lives and follow their every social media post. The two met on the set of "Guiding Light," but didn't actually get together until years later. There was even a time where one of Wright's posts was misconstrued to sound like the couple was getting married, however they did not (via TV Season Spoilers).

As Wright celebrated her birthday, she contemplated what she wants out of life and shared that with the fans on social media.

Laura Wright is comfortable just being herself

In celebrating her 52nd birthday, "General Hospital" star Laura Wright posted pictures of herself — sans makeup — on Instagram. "So I have some amazing pictures from a photo shoot I did recently," she wrote. Thanking everyone for their birthday wishes she continued saying, "To honor my 52 years — these no makeup — curly hair ones won out!!! When I think about what I want at 52 — who do I want to be — how do I want to show up. The word authentic kept coming up — yes I'll still post glamorous shots and I do love getting dolled up — but I am having the time of my life discovering ME. Yep this is me 52."

Fans loved Wright's candidness, with one replying, "Yes! Your authenticity is beautiful! I love this." Another posted, "52 looks great on you. Happiness looks even better. Cheers to you and thanks...for both sharing your private self and entertaining as Carly!" The fan admiration continued with comments like, "You are a beautiful person which reflects you being gorgeous on the outside with or without makeup!" and "truly this is your most beautiful YOU!!!! Honestly these are some of the best pictures of you ever!!!" Congratulations and compliments were abundant.

While some celebrities are unrecognizable without makeup, Wright looked even more herself in the all-natural pic.