Everything You Need To Know About The Champagne Wall Wedding Trend

For those who want to tackle both alcohol arrangements and decorations at their wedding, the champagne wall trend is an obvious choice for practically and beautifully handing out reception refreshments. What better way to start off a night of dancing and celebrating than with a glass of champagne? Most couples offer alcohol for guests on their big day. The Knot reported that 93% of couples choose to serve alcohol in some form at weddings or receptions, with the average cost of liquor totaling at about $2,300. According to Martha Stewart's alcohol wedding guide, it's standard to supply an open bar with 50% wine, 20% beer, and 30% liquor. If you're looking to plan a wedding on a budget, Stewart recommends opting for a limited bar rather than an open bar, selecting specific liquors, wine, beers, and signature cocktails guests can choose from. No matter what your reception looks like in terms of alcohol, you can get the party started with a gorgeous statement wall lined with ready-to-grab champagne glasses.

Champagne walls are available to buy in some cities and online

Champagne walls are an excellent way to make the most of even the smallest venue space. Instead of a long table for drinks, these walls save room on the dance floor and serve as a fun backdrop for photos. There are plenty of avenues to take if you choose to hire a professional to set up your dream champagne wall. Some small businesses sell champagne walls online on Etsy, and some cities have rental businesses available. The Nashville-based parents turned party-decorators behind Treat Walls came up with their business after creating a donut wall for their sons' birthday. Using commercial grade wood and customizable designs, the couple now makes champagne walls in addition to cake pop, pretzel, and donut setups. Buying a champagne wall can be another expense on a long list of to-dos, however. Making your own champagne wall can save you money and serve as a relationship-building activity with your future spouse.

How to build your own champagne wall

Full disclosure: you or your partner will need to have had at least some experience with woodworking to make a sturdy champagne wall. If woodworking isn't on your resume, fear not. Many champagne walls look similar to your run of the mill bookshelves, but with some key distinctions. One feature of the champagne wall is the floating-like appearance of the glasses and slim width of the wall itself. However, if these facets aren't important to you, you could repurpose shelves to create a makeshift champagne wall.

For those ready to put on their gloves and get out their toolboxes, you'll want to start by creating the frame of the wall. Mark The Builder on YouTube uses two-by-fours and two-and-a-half inch screws to build a strong frame for his take on the champagne wall. For a longer champagne wall, you'll want to create two frames. From there, you'll screw nails strategically into your pegboard. Your pegboard can be decorated to be lined with fake grass for a natural yet elegant feel, like Mark The Builder's. You'll screw the pegboard onto the frame to attach. The next important step is creating a stand to support your wall so that it can stay upright. By cutting wood into three pieces and creating a 90 degree triangle, you'll have a sturdy base upon which the wall can rest. Mark The Builder goes the extra mile by making his stands' legs fold down to save space when storing.

The finishing touches of your wall

Now that your champagne wall is standing, it's time to add the finishing touches. A picture perfect champagne wall will have the appearance of glasses floating midair. Mark The Builder makes his own wood-based holders, cutting spaces just large enough for glasses to be placed. Alternatively, you can shop for champagne glass holders online. Etsy offers inexpensive champagne glass holders that you can glue or screw onto your champagne wall's pegboard.

Flowers and fake grass can make your champagne wall pop even more. You can staple rectangular sections of fake grass onto your pegboard. For more embellishment, you can line the wall with flowers, leaves, or other decorations. A hand-made or store-bought sign reading "Cheers" would finish off your wall perfectly.

You don't have to break the bank or be a wood-working pro to pull off a champagne wall for your wedding. You can mix and match online retailers and do as many crafts as you'd like to create the perfect functional backdrop for your reception. Your guests will be raising their glasses in awe of your bubbly take on this wedding trend.