Sharon Osbourne Has Some Strong Feelings About William And Harry's Reunion

Sharon Osbourne and her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, have had great career success in the United States. In addition to their popular former MTV reality series, Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath, is one of the most well-known rock groups of all time, and Sharon has become a television personality who's even hosted her own talk show (via Outsider). 

However, Sharon and Ozzy's hearts are seemingly in the UK. They're ready to leave the US and head back to their estate in the English countryside. Sharon recently told Good Morning America that she and Ozzy will be moving back next year, and, when she gets there, it seems she'd like the royal family to have mended fences.

This week, Sharon sat down for an interview with Extra and touched on the subject of Queen Elizabeth II's heartbreaking death as well as Prince William and Prince Harry's feud. After seeing the brothers reunite in the UK, Sharon was adamant that Harry needed to return to his royal duties. 

"To see them walking side by side it just brings back [memories]," she stated. "I look at Harry and think, 'This is where you belong. The people really want you to come home, this is where you belong, being our prince.'"

It seems that Sharon, like so many other royal family enthusiasts, wants to see William and Harry make amends and work together like they have so many times in the past.