The Security For The Queen's Funeral Isn't Messing Around

The capacity of Westminster Abbey is 2,200, and it will undoubtedly be at or near capacity for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Additionally, around 800 people are expected to attend the private burial service in the King George VI memorial chapel in Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel, per NBC News. Her coffin currently lies in state at Westminster Hall, where mourners may have to wait upwards of 30 hours to get a glimpse of her coffin and pay their respects.

The funeral procession has been rehearsed and coordinators of the historic event are doing everything they can to prepare (via Bloomberg). As one might imagine, security for the funeral is a huge undertaking with the number of world leaders in attendance and the London crowd expected to be up to a million, according to the Daily Mail. Good Morning America reported on the various security concerns being planned for — from pickpockets to terror threats. "Terrorists like to attack crowds," Nick Aldworth, former U.K. counterterrorism national coordinator said, "and we are about to create possibly the biggest crowd in recent history."

Central London and the 23-mile route from Westminster Hall to Windsor Castle will be guarded by at least 10,000 police officers, per Daily Mail. According to the BBC, sniffer dogs and private security will be in the crowd, manholes along the route will be examined and sealed, and armed police are on roofs. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Candy from the London Metropolitan Police Service is in charge of the ordeal, and he told reporters that "This will be the largest single policing event that the Met Police has ever undertaken" (via Daily Mail).