The Unexpected Royal That Twitter Has Named Best Dressed At The Queen's Funeral

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is not only a global tragedy, but it was also a moment in time that brought her entire family together. With all eyes on the family during her televised funeral, naturally, viewers watching at home are bound to comment on the fashion. However, one family member of Queen Elizabeth II is garnering the most attention as the best dressed at her funeral. 

In the past, all eyes have been on the "Fab Four" of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. However, at a funeral with billions watching around the world, they aren't the names being discussed in the fashion department. While they too looked great, they weren't the ones getting everyone talking during today's proceedings. That honor is seemingly going to another member of the royal family. 

For this monumental event, spectators watching around the world have flocked to Twitter, naming Princess Beatrice as the best dressed for her grandmother's funeral. 

One viewer tuning into the funeral commented on Princess Beatrice's look, tweeting, "I'm loving the lace. This is the best look I've ever seen from her." The adoration for her funeral attire is simply another example of the stunning transformation of Princess Beatrice. Another spectator wrote, "Beatrice so-so on the fit but I appreciate the height of those heels. 'The higher the heel the closer to God' as a friend just texted me."