The Accessory Jill Biden Wore To The Queen's Funeral Has Twitter Divided

There was a strict dress code for those attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. According to Business of Fashion, female guests who were in attendance at the queen's funeral service at Westminster Abbey were meant to be in simple, black dresses. And while hats were also meant to be compulsory, it appears Dr. Jill Biden chose to deviate from the dress somewhat, by covering part of her hair with an ornate black headband instead, which proved to be a divisive trigger on social media.

One Twitter user snarkily pointed out, "Why does Jill Biden always look like such a hot mess? Nothing says 'I'm mourning for Queen Elizabeth' like a big black bow in your hair." Another asked, "Why is Jill Biden wearing a party bow on her head?" Another social media user leaped to her defense, saying: "Okay but Dr. Jill Biden looks so cute with that bow hairband."

Still, the choice of headpiece got the seal of approval of at least one British tabloid. Express appeared to give the First Lady two thumbs up for her fashion choice. As fashion expert Miranda Holder put it, "luxe headbands" were the perfect accessory because while they were more casual than a hat, they were handy during "formal occasions [for those who] don't want to divert too much attention away from the main focus of the event."