The Music At The Queen's Funeral Caused Controversy With Viewers

Music played an important part during Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday. According to a note posted to the Westminster Abbey Twitter account, "Much of the music at today's State Funeral was selected for its special significance to HM Queen Elizabeth II, and many of the choices also have a long association with Westminster Abbey." Today reports one song, "The Lord's My Shepherd," was featured in the queen's wedding ceremony to Prince Philip.

While the music was sentimental and sweet, there were plenty of opinions about some of it being played on the organ. "Following the National anthem in Westminster Abbey, they played some type of Dracula music on the organ, which was quite scary and not what I expected," wrote one person on twitter. Another Twitter user agreed, posting, "That organ music was too much. The mixture of gentler music, silence and Huw Edwards commentary is much more impactful and more fitting of the occasion for me."

Some criticized the organists, who Classic FM noted were Peter Holder and Matthew Jorysz, commenting harshly on their performance. "Wow, that organ playing at Queen's funeral! Have they played before or is it meant to sound like that?" observed a funeral watcher on Twitter. Another individual tweeted, "With peace and love, it sounds like a cat is walking across the organ." And in another Twitter post, one person compared the organ music to a lullaby performed by the queen's personal bagpipe player Pipe Major Paul Burns (via the Independent). "Found the organ sound really annoying," they tweeted. "Bagpipes on the other hand sounded amazing."