Safest Countries For Solo Female Travelers

"There's a restorative power of these stretches of time spent alone, immersed in some other landscape, lost in another language, absorbed in a new culture. Solitude leads me to a better version of myself," —Marcia DeSanctis, best-selling travel writer (via Forbes).

This sentiment is echoed in the hearts of many solo travelers. There's a variety of reasons why travelers decide to pack their passports and go at it alone — perhaps it's for work, a change of residence, or the traveler has come to the understanding that one can't wait around for the near-improbable alignment in schedules with friends and family. Sometimes you must go forth alone, understanding that while the world is vast, it won't always be around to wait for you to be ready. Results from a recent Solo Traveler Reader Survey yield that 77% of solo travelers set forth alone because they want to see the world and prefer not to wait for others.

Such is the case for many female travelers. The same survey reports that the number of solo female travelers has skyrocketed in recent years. With this growth comes supportive Facebook groups of females preparing for adventure, welcoming each wandering traveler with open arms in sisterhood and community.

It's imperative to note that among the most concerns and preparation with solo female travel revolves around safety. For the wanderlust females looking to step out of their comfort zone and tread the unbeaten path, we've gathered a list of the safest countries to venture off to.


The hills are alive with the sound of astonishingly low crime rates. According to the International Women's Travel Center, Austria reports very little yearly crime and violence. Known for its rich history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, Austria is a perfect destination for those looking to safely immerse themselves in another country. This southeastern European country welcomes over 30 million international travelers, well among them are solo female travelers. From classical music to history to outdoor adventures — solo travelers are spoiled for choice in immersion.

Award-winning travel resource "Girl About the Globe" suggests starting in the capital city of Vienna, where one can safely enjoy the many cathedrals, tour some baroque castles, and wander for hours on end through the winding alleyways of the historic city center. From there, you can catch a train to Salzburg — the birthplace of Mozart — and enjoy the architecture from the baroque, gothic, and renaissance periods.


Bordering around the sapphire shores of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia's charm attracts millions of tourists annually. Recommended by the International Women's Travel Center, solo travelers can flock to this country in a state of ease, as it's reported to have a very low crime rate. Additionally, the Global Peace Index ranks Croatia as #15 among the safest countries to travel to.

Terracotta rooftops hover above the cobblestoned alleyways within the medieval city of Dubrovnik, transporting the imaginative traveler back to the 13th century. Travel and Leisure suggests adventure seekers participate in the water sports offered along the sparkling waters, such as kayaking and snorkeling. In the evening, enjoy a warm sunset and marvel at the city's magnificent glow as the sun's rays descend behind the famed city walls.

Up the coast is another beloved medieval city called Split. Travelers can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the boat docks or enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee along the many street cafes after a morning of indulging in the fresh offerings of the local farmer's market.


Neighboring Croatia from just across the sea is the sophisticated country of Italy. Rich in history dating back to ancient Rome to the birth of the Renaissance, travelers are sure to get lost in time and culture no matter which region they choose to explore. And if one truly does get lost, Italy's wide yet simple public transportation system can be counted on to bring you back to your intended location.

Former foreign correspondent and diplomat Leyla Giray shares some insights for solo female travel: "I can't think of any particular precautions you'd take in Italy as a woman — be level-headed when you meet men, avoid dark places at night — the usual warnings. When it comes to solo female travel, Italy is fairly typical" (via Women on the Road). Her suggestions for enjoying this country's offerings range from water sports to strolling along the city streets and enjoying the abundance of art and culture.


Ireland is known for many things — and most certainly its sprawling landscapes. From expansive lush green rolling hills and fields to rugged sea cliffs, those drawn to nature will indeed feel at peace while visiting the Emerald Isle. Within the cities, travelers can enjoy a pint of Guinness while marveling at the quaint town backdrops.

Rated 7.8 out of 10 in a Bounce safety survey of over 30 countries, Ireland ranks as the top safest country for a solo female traveler. This score was determined by various factors, including the country's general attitude towards gender equality and reported violence against women. The Ireland Travel Guide further states that solo females can travel alone to this country without any problems, taking all usual precautions, of course. The guide additionally suggests the solo traveler enjoy nature hikes or check out some of the various festivals the capital city of Dublin holds year-round.


Sitting along the north Atlantic Ocean is the Nordic country of Iceland. Europe's second largest island derives its name from centuries ago when a settler from Norway declared the island to be made mainly of ice. While that is undoubtedly true, the island's origins are traced back to volcanic foundations. With an active volcano set to erupt once every 14 years, one can certainly understand the origins of its nickname: "The land of ice and fire."

Ranked #1 on the Global Peace Index, Iceland is a top recommendation for solo female travelers. Best-selling travel author Marcia DeSanctis shares that the capital city of Reykjavik is one of her top recommendations for solo female travel (via Forbes). With the island being so small, she suggests that this city can easily be navigated through. A walk around the city will have you passing the towering cathedral of Hallgrimskirkja, through the old ports, and to the city quarters. A day's worth of sightseeing can end in one of the many soothing geothermal spas.


Data from The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development can attest to Poland as being one of the safest countries in Eastern Europe. With a low crime rate and minimal petty crime, solo travelers can enjoy this country's many offerings with ease.

Travel writer Marcia DeSanctis boasts about the safety and culture of the city of Krakow (via Forbes). "You can walk forever, across the Vistula River, always using the twin spires of the Mariacki Basilica as your marker for the old city and Rynek Główny, where you can sip hot chocolate," she suggests. Marked by its medieval towers and sounding of church bells, Krakow is a great trip to take via train just outside the capital of Warsaw, where one can enjoy city churches and take in the views of the city along the river atop observation towers. The old town district is a must-see for history lovers.


Medieval castles, pristine shores, and intricately decorated buildings are just a few of the many reasons to visit Portugal. Located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal welcomes just over an average of 27 million visitors a year.

Portugal Travel Specialist Julie Dawn Fox shares her thoughts on solo travel (via Women on the Road). "The first thing that struck me about Portugal was how safe I felt just wandering around on my own ... Twelve years later, I still feel it's the safest country I've traveled in, and that sentiment is echoed by female friends who come to stay with me." She shares some of her itinerary suggestions: "I would definitely go on a winery tour and start experimenting with Portuguese wines." Additional suggestions include cliff-top hikes and enjoying one of the many beaches on the coast.

The Global Peace Index boasts a low crime rate, making this country a great addition to your passport.


Norway is located in northern Europe along the Scandinavian peninsula, neighboring Nordic countries Sweden and Finland. Its extensive coastline and rugged cliffs provide a postcard-perfect backdrop. The capital of Oslo inhabits over 600,000 residents (via Study in Norway). Its stunning architecture and state-of-the-art museums bring in millions of tourists year-round. Travelers can take in great food and diverse culture and indulge in shopping before winding down with an evening stroll along the street cafes. From Oslo, you may take a day trip to one of the many scenic seaside cliffs, taking in some nature. Travelers may also engage in water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing.

Ranked at #3 for the safest destinations for solo women, Bounce Survey boasts safety for walking alone at night, a low homicide rate, along with a low overall crime rate. Additionally, Norway has long been one of the leading countries in progressive women's rights, with a continuous active mission to spread women's rights and gender equality.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked central-European country bordering Austria, Poland, Germany, and Slovakia, with a population of over 10 million. Sitting along the Vltava River is the capital of Prague, which attracts millions of tourists each year. Travelers from across the world come to Prague to enjoy the city's vast culture and extensive history. The cobblestone streets can easily be wandered through, enjoying architecture dating back to the 10th century. Travelers can wander back in time as they make their way across the bridge to the old town. Crossing over the historic Charles Bridge may take some time, not for its length but for its intricate design and statues that align each side of the stone crossing- still and stoic, you're drawn to stop in your tracks and gaze upwards at each piece.

Ranked high on the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic welcomes solo female travelers to explore this popular destination's rich history and architecture.

New Zealand

Located far in the Pacific Ocean lies the island nation that over 4 million people call home. Neighboring the southeast coast of Australia, New Zealand can easily be credited as one of the most picturesque destinations. Its diverse terrain is home to several active volcanoes, snow-capped peaks among the mountain ranges, glacier lakes, and wonderous caves. There's no shortage of activity for the adventurous traveler, from the famed bungee jumping and setting sail along the coasts to hiking up one of the many mountainous peaks. For travelers looking to keep themselves on the ground, the country is rich in wine regions, relaxing beaches, and diverse choices in culinary.

The Global Peace Index ranks New Zealand high, allowing solo female travelers to relax and take in this nation's many scenic opportunities. For those looking to add this picturesque destination to your list, The New Zealand Pocket Guide provides many tips and suggestions for the solo traveler (via YouTube).