What You Need To Know About The Prism Eyes Makeup Look

How we apply makeup to our under eye area is always changing. From baking to concealing to color correcting, there often seems to be a new trick to making our under eyes blend in and keeping dark circles at bay. Even so, we've never seen an under eye trend quite like prism eyes before. Of all of 2022's makeup trends, this one stands alone in terms of its whimsical, fun, and oh-so-unique feel. If you haven't heard the term "prism eyes" before, you may have heard this look referred to as "rainbow-bright under eyes" (via Byrdie). The trend is exactly like it sounds: beautifully blended gradients of color that make your under eye areas stand out instead of making them blend in. 

Makeup artist Naezrah has become known for her bright, graphic, and wildly creative makeup looks (via TikTok). She first created and debuted prism eyes back in April, and since then, plenty of BeautyTok-ers have recreated the trend. If you'd like to try your hand at prism eyes, you're definitely not alone, and with a few tips, this trend won't be nearly as complicated to DIY as it looks. 

Products you'll need

Before you're ready to live your full-faced fairy princess dreams, you'll need a stocked makeup bag. The first thing you'll need is something to make your under eyes the perfect canvas for bold, vibrant color. You'll want to start with primer or concealer that's a few shades lighter than your normal foundation (via The Beau Life). According to Naezrah, you should go for a setting cream paint base as well as a translucent setting powder.

Of course, you'll need some vivid, highly pigmented eyeshadows. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and make the color palette your own. Some beauty gurus like Bhumika Thakkar opt for more muted, pastel tones to have a slightly subtler look. If you're looking to buy new eyeshadows, go for cream or liquid instead of the traditional powder; it'll make the super-important blending component of the look that much easier (via Byrdie). Speaking of the importance of blending, you'll need a blending tool of your choice. Lastly, you'll want to be equipped with an extra glow-y highlighter, liner, mascara, and lashes to make the look pop. Throw in some rhinestones to stick on if your goal is that ultra-glam, ethereal look.

How to master the look

Once your makeup bag is prepped, you're ready to get started on rainbow-fying your face. Start by applying your normal skincare and foundation. Getting this out of the way first will make it easier when it comes time for rainbow blending. Next, apply your under eye base. You may want to treat your under eye area as a bit bigger than you normally do so that you have plenty of space for your makeup masterpiece (via The Beau Life). Once you've gotten your base taken care of, set it with a bit of translucent setting powder. 

Now it's time to add the colors. If you're not opting for a funky twist on the original palette, remember ROYGBIV when you're applying your colors in rainbow order (via Byrdie). Spend lots of extra time blending the colors into each other as well as into your skin below. The easiest way to botch the trend is to lose that well-blended, gradient impact.

Now it's time to touch up your foundation, go heavy on the highlight, and add liner and lashes to your eye makeup. Once everything's in place, you're ready to go to for a night out, to a music festival, to "Euphoria" high school, or even frolic in the woods with some fairies and woodland creatures –- whichever occasion suits your mood, your face is ready for it.