What It Means If You Get Your Period On The New Moon

If you are someone with an interest in astrology, you are likely aware that the phases of the moon are said to bring with them different energies and different opportunities for personal growth, for ritual, and for healing. While full moons get the most attention thanks to all of the legend surrounding the powerful, over-the-top energies of that particular lunation, new moons are also a powerful time, just in an inverse way. 

If full moons are all about the harvest and about harnessing energies at their peak, the new moon is a time for introspection and for planting the seeds that will eventually become the harvest during full moon time (via Mind Body Green). This is the time to set intentions, to make plans, and to set goals so that you can use the building energy of the waxing moon to grow your dreams and your projects. 

Further, if you are someone who has a monthly menstrual cycle, paying attention to the phase the moon is in when you bleed can be an important way to learn to treat what is often viewed as an unfortunate, painful, unpleasant occurrence like the sacred, meaningful, beautiful one it can be (via Nylon). If you tend to get your period with the new moon, here's what it means and how you can use this time to take good care of yourself.   

What new moon periods mean

Because the average menstrual cycle is around 28 days, it has been connected with the lunar cycle for millennia and across many cultures. If you have a regular cycle that is roughly this long, and you tend to bleed near the new moon, then you are likely ovulating near the full moon, which some say puts you "in tune" with the natural energies of the lunar cycle (via Dazed Digital).

As Lisa Lister, author and well-woman therapist, tells Dazed Digital, if you get your period with the new moon, you are being called to go inwards. As the new moon is a time for introspection, self care, and gentleness, bleeding at this time doubles down on your need for these things. We live in a culture that expects people with periods to get on with business as if nothing is happening, but that is not what you, a new moon bleeder, are meant to do. This is a time for sacred rest, for being loving and kind to your body, and for getting in touch with he higher wisdom that will come to you more easily at this time if you are still and quiet, and allow it to flow.   

Rituals and activities to honor new moon periods

While simply allowing your body and mind to rest during this time will likely help you to feel less exhausted or frustrated, there are also other actions you can take and rituals you can do to help honor this time as the sacred and beautiful thing it is, rather than dreading every moment of it the way we are raised to do in this culture. 

One thing to consider is keeping a journal (via Dazed Digital), as a new moon period can be a time when you are most in tune with your own inner wisdom and higher self. You might also consider recording the dreams you have at this time, as they are likely to be more vivid. You may also feel that you have heightened intuition at this time, so try not to second guess yourself as being "overly emotional" and trust what your instincts are telling you (via Nylon). 

Taking a bath with epsom salt can not only help alleviate cramps, backache, and other discomfort you might be experiencing, but it can also help you to relax, be still, and take a few sacred moments to yourself to honor what is happening within you. Do what feels right and what comes naturally to you, and as much as you can reasonably avoid it, try not to force yourself to do something that feels wrong or "too much" during what should be a peaceful, introspective time.