The Lifetime Movie You Should Watch If You're A Cancer

Lifetime movies are generally given a bad rap by armchair critics, commonly thought of as low-budget melodramas meant to be consumed while sitting around and eating bon bons. However, these films have evolved and gained some respect in the industry. Many of their storylines feature women's empowerment, and they've even claimed a couple of Emmy nominations along the way (via Washington Post).

Lifetime is well-aware of the stereotype and even embraces it. In 2019, the network ran a Mother's Day marathon of entertaining, over-the-top dramas called Mom's Guilty Pleasure — and each movie was about, you guessed it, motherhood (via Romper).

If you're trying to find a Lifetime movie that suits your mood from the network's long catalog, just look to your zodiac sign for guidance.

Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac

If you were born under the summer zodiac sign of the crab, June 21 to July 22, then you fall under the archetype of the caring and compassionate mother. Cancers are known for their maternal energy. 

They're sensitive, moody, hospitable, touchy, and tender (via Cafe Astrology). On their best days, they are soft, protective, and dependable. On their less-than-good days, they can be manipulative and self-victimizing.

"Being a Cancer means being emotional, creative, intuitive, and very attune to the rhythms of the moon," says astrologer Narayana Montúfar (via Women's Health). Each zodiac has a ruler, and Cancer is, fittingly enough, ruled by the moon.

"People always call Cancer natives very emotional, which is true, but they often forget that this zodiac sign is incredibly resilient as well," says Montúfar. Based on compatibility, Cancers should marry earth signs, such as Taurus or Virgo (via Compatible Astrology), to help ground them.

You'll likely recognize these qualities in some familiar names who have their sun sign in Cancer: Courtney Love, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Willam Defoe, and Woody Guthrie (via Cafe Astrology).

So which Lifetime movie would perfectly suit a Cancer's personality?

Why The Perfect Mother is the ideal movie for Cancers

This 2018 Lifetime TV movie is fraught with drama between a mother and her rebellious daughter — perfect for Cancers. "The Perfect Mother" follows Stella, a vlogger, who is in constant conflict with her daughter after the death of her husband. She even gains the affections of a teenage fan longing for maternal closeness. 

We are taken through the twists and turns of this mother-daughter relationship in the digital age as we examine the all-too-human desire for a perfect mother. With decent viewer ratings on IMDb, "The Perfect Mother" could be an entertaining flick for your weekend.

Cancers embody the soft and maternal, but they also have a tendency to lean into some of the darker aspects of the emotional world, and "The Perfect Mother" just happens to shed light on some of these themes. And would it really be a Lifetime movie if it didn't?