How The September 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

As we approach the autumn equinox on September 22, we will also be shifting into Libra season in all of its balanced glory. Just as fall can feel like the perfect time for new beginnings, Libra season opens us up to the possibilities in our lives, and its ruling planet Venus is all about love, beauty, and wealth, per PopSugar. This might be the perfect time to make new investments, either financially or energetically — get ready for the new moon on September 25 to lead you down an even dreamier path toward your future than what you had in mind for yourself.

Despite the opening up we feel when transitioning into Libra season, Bustle warns us that we're approaching a new moon during a Mercury retrograde, which began on September 9 and will end October 2, per CNN. Retrograde tends to throw a wrench in our plans, so even with activating autumnal energy, it's wise to pace ourselves when it comes to jumping into indulgence.

Vice suggests using Libra's energy to find a middle road between our expectations and our current circumstances, suiting up for new moon opportunities with all our ducks in a row. This may present an initial challenge for an idealistic Sagittarius, but the new moon will encourage the archer to find a welcome balance between their mindset of abundance and actually following through with their big ideas.

Community connections will lead to inspiration

For fiery Sagittarius, it may always feel like the right time to start something new, whether that's an exciting project, spontaneous trip, or budding romance. The mutable Sag, who comes into each lunar cycle with their guns blazing, might benefit from taking notes from the calm but purpose-driven air sign. 

Bustle wants Sag to lean into their party-friendly nature, forging and strengthening connections that will carry them into the next stage of their journey. The scattered fire sign may finally remember to catch up with old friends and the new moon energy is perfect for tending to these bonds. Woman & Home also sees this as a peak time for Sag to feed their social circles with their infectious light, noting that the new moon takes place in the sign's 11th house, which applies to group socializing and relationship-building.

Vice congratulates Sag on keeping it together through the mayhem that is juggling their responsibilities and adventures, and the new moon in Libra should come with a resurgence of the purpose and self-direction that come so naturally to the archer. Taking Mercury retrograde into account, the outlet sees Sag dodging bullets and using engaging mutability as their superpower. It's the right time for this enthusiastic teammate to bring together community connections and brainstorming sessions to create a powerful new concept for their life going forward. Plus, there's nothing wrong with Sag getting into the more romantic side of their imagination as Venus interacts with dreamy Neptune.

Sag can lean into their romantic instincts

Most of all, the new moon in Libra is the right time for potential playboy Sag to reevaluate their relationships and see if they're ready to make a change for the fall. Together with Libra, Sag's social skills will be elevated to super charming, and Woman & Home sees the archer shifting into a more committed space in their relationships. Despite upcoming excitement in their romantic lives, Sag should keep their needs at the forefront of their mind, holding on to Libra's sense of balance and self-preservation.

PopSugar notes that, as with any new moon, Sag should look toward their future, specifically the six months. Sag is no stranger to trusting the universe and typically deals with discouragement and setbacks with resilience. It's the archer's avoidance that presents the greatest challenge to their growth in this next cycle. But if Sag is able to assess what needs healing within them, not much else can get in the way of their goals.

Style Caster sees Sag being pulled in multiple directions during the new moon, but trusts the sign to lean into some much needed fall TLC, even in the form of taking PTO. Libra ruled by Venus is encouraging Sag to put on their rose colored glasses in time for the fall foliage and to lean into relationships that are mutually nourishing. Still, the archer shouldn't get too comfortable staying at home, even in the rush of a new or growing love affair.