September Libra Vs. October Libra: What's The Difference?

Libra is one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac. Those with a Libra sun sign are born between September 22 and October 23. Libras are air signs and also known as cardinal signs as they're born at the starting point of a season (via PureWow). Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is known for its ties to luxury, pleasure, and romance. Libra also likes to show love through daily connections. The sign tends to see the beauty in everyday life. Libras have a need to feel balanced and to feel like all aspects of their lives — including work, family, love, money, and more — are all in sync and running smoothly.

While they are known for their friendly nature and people-pleasing ways, Libras are often indecisive and have a hard time making big decisions. They also hate conflict and will do whatever they can to avoid it. They can also find it difficult to stand up for themselves at times, per Mind Body Green. Because of their common traits, the air sign can tend to be drawn to careers in design, law, and human resources.

However, all Libras are not built the same. There are some big differences between Libras born in the month of September and those born in October. 

September Libras are warm, nurturing, and emotional

Libras who are born in the month of September start their birthday season off with the fall equinox. These Libras value partnership and equality. They want everything to be split down the middle when it comes to work and play (via Horoscope). September Libras are said to be ruled by the moon and often display warm traits of giving, caring, and nurturing. They often make those around them feel like they're in a safe space and also give out wonderful advice to their loved ones.

According to Bustle, Libras born in September display many of the classic Libra traits and have plenty of charm. They're known as peacemakers who like to mediate in order to keep the drama to a minimum. They're also very romantic and love to flirt, but relationships are important to them and they are fully happy when they're in love.

In many cases, September Libras are very emotional and allow their feelings to dictate their responses, which makes them a bit more impulsive than their October counterparts (via Astrozella). They may also struggle a bit more during conversations.

October Libras are passionate and hard-working

Libras born in October are said to be ruled by Saturn or Jupiter and tend to be a bit more serious, responsible, and disciplined in life compared to Libras born in September (via Horoscope). They are also known to possess traits such as having a positive outlook on life, being very charming, and being diligent. Bustle notes that October Libras are known to be a bit more logical and driven in life, and are talented at coming up with creative ideas, although making decisions is still a struggle for them.

October Libras are also skilled at keeping the conversation rolling. Although the air sign as a whole is charming and social, those born in October won't drop the ball when it comes to communication. They also have a reputation for being passionate about justice. October Libras don't like it when a person is being treated unfairly and are more willing to rebel and speak out than those born in September. They can be real advocates for social justice and won't stray from sharing their opinions as well as listening to others opinions, even if they conflict with their own, per Astrozella. In love, October Libras are romantic but can get in their own way when it comes to relationships.

While Libras are known for being fun-loving and kind, it seems there are some big differences between those born in September and October, proving that no Libra is exactly alike.