The Pizza Topping That You Should Try If You're A Sagittarius

Ah, Sagittarius: the adventurous archer, the thinker, the challenger, the party animal whose life motto very well may be "Safety third!" If you've crossed paths with this worldly zodiac sign, or you were born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21, then these Sagittarius characteristics likely sound all too familiar.

Sagittarius souls are filled with wanderlust and a thrill-seeking thirst to explore everything — intellectually, spiritually, and physically (Allure). They're fun and likable, but beware their tendency to speak bluntly and push a few buttons. (They didn't mean to hurt your feelings ... probably.) These fire signs are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which translates into major abundance vibes. They're indulgent and must know, see, and do it all.

When it comes to food, it's logical to assume that Sagittarius would be swooning over a supreme pizza or something even more decadent. (Macaroni amd cheese pizza, anyone?) And they likely do gravitate toward such choices. However, a simple pizza topping may actually ground and center this larger-than-life zodiac sign.

To stay balanced, Sagittarius should try margherita pizza

According to best-selling author and astrologer Lisa Stardust, Sagittarius should try a margherita pizza (via BestLife). The bubbly crust, crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt, and olive oil drizzle make this classic pizza a popular one. 

When it comes to Sagittarius, they need "a pizza that will help them not only recover from excess but to savor while they're living their best lives at celebrations," she says. A rich and meat-heavy pizza could send this zodiac sign into a food coma, so, something light, such as margherita, should be a good fit. 

Popular accounts date the margherita pizza back to Naples, Italy, in the 19th century (via La Cucina Italiana), making this dish all the more suitable for the worldly Sagittarius.

Whether you take your dough-tossing skills to the kitchen for homemade pizza or dine in at your favorite pie house, settle in for the comfort of the time-tested margherita pizza if you're a Sagittarius. And here are a few other nutritional tips to keep in mind. 

Sagittarius should pay attention to how foods affect them

While Sagittarius might enjoy a tasty margherita pizza now and then, they should also pay attention to which foods most benefit their health based on their sign (via Zodiac Fresh). These archers of the zodiac thrive when they're eating healthy sources of silica. 

A high-protein diet that includes vegetables and fruits, such as beets and fresh tomatoes (margherita pizza, check!), is also great for these mutable fire signs. They should also drink tons of purified water and try eating four smaller meals daily rather than the traditional three large ones.

As busybodies, it's important for Sagittarians to take note of their energy levels after eating certain foods. Seek out comforting foods to ease anxiety while also honoring your sense of adventure in trying new things.

"Exploration from a nutritional perspective can mean literally exploring foods that you're not familiar with, and even making that food journey part of your regular life," says astrologer and certified nutritionist Claire Gallagher (via Well + Good).

So, Sagittarius friends, if you're tempted to take out your phone and order a supreme pizza on Friday night, take a moment to check in with your body and see if something fresh and light might be a better bet.