How The September 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

There's no denying that there's a lot in the air these days. Summer has officially come to a close, and whether you're spotting leaves falling or getting caught in the rain, it's clear that fall has arrived. Of course, Mercury being in retrograde has managed to distract us all from the seasons changing, per Mind Body Green. Emotions have been at an all-time high, and everything has felt a little too intense. This is why the upcoming September 25, 2022 new moon is a welcome distraction to ground and focus you. 

New moons always serve as a time to center and check in with ourselves. To figure out where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. Granted, it can feel a little tricky given all the heightened Mercury retrograde emotions, but that is exactly why you should be using this new moon to refocus and sort through all of your thoughts and feelings. 

A couple of things are important to note about a new moon, one of which is which zodiac sign it lands in. With the September 25 new moon landing in Libra, it's time to tap into your inner Libra perfectionist, per Costar. Of course, the second important thing is how this specific new moon impacts your own zodiac sign.

Open your mind to all the possibilities

This new moon lands in your fellow air sign, Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) so you might feel its energy a little extra. You love knowledge. You're always wanting to learn more, and grow more, but the only problem is that sometimes your mind can get a little rigid when it comes to the how. Use this new moon to open your mind up a little to new opportunities and new ways of getting to where you're going. Bustle suggests you relinquish your "know-it-all" tendencies and instead allow yourself to embrace new methods and new ways of thinking. 

That being said, this new moon also happens to land in your ninth house of spirituality, per Woman & Home. While this only furthers the need for you to keep an open mind, it also means that this new moon is the perfect time for you to get in touch with what you really want to manifest. New moons are ideal for manifestations, and that is especially the case for you Aquarius. You do a lot of thinking and visualizing, but use this new moon to hone in on precisely what it is that you want and manifest it for yourself. You're a big daydreamer, but it's time to turn those dreams into realities.

Find a balance between give and take with others

Aquarians tend to not be huge "people" people, you much prefer your own company and your own mind, per Costar. But that doesn't mean you cut yourself off from society, when you build friendships and relationships you build them carefully and for life. But even you can fall victim to pouring too much into others. This new moon is asking you to reflect on your relationships and whether you've created an imbalance of giving and taking, per Cosmopolitan.

By nature, you love to offer help. However, sometimes this can lead you down a cycle of giving your all to someone that isn't giving the same back. You need help too, Aquarius, and even if you hate asking for it this new moon should give you the chance to open up to others about what you need from them. Don't worry, this doesn't strictly mean having intense confrontations. You could simply open up to others by attempting to connect with them more deeply over your shared interests or passions, per Elite Daily. Opening up is the only way you can truly watch your connections with people blossom, instead of allowing your continued over-giving to cloud how you feel about someone.