The When Calls The Heart Stars Who Were Once Rumored To Be Dating

When you think of the Hallmark Channel, you may think of heartwarming, made-for-TV movies. But shows like "When Calls the Heart" prove that the network is more than capable of creating an addictive, drama-filled series. According to Forbes, the show averages nearly 3 million viewers for each episode and has become Hallmark's longest-running scripted drama. Fans of the show — called "Hearties" — love the series for its wholesomeness, engaging storyline, and early 1900s setting.

Another key point that fans love is the unbeatable chemistry. Daniel Lissing, who plays Jack Thornton in "When Calls the Heart," told The List, "People talk about the chemistry, and I find that if you really love someone and you're really connected with them, it translates on screen." The on-screen attraction is so believable that some viewers may assume that it must be fueled by real-life romance. That might be why dating rumors once swirled about two of the show's most prominent castmates.

Two of When Calls the Heart's biggest stars were rumored to be dating

Perhaps the most significant romance to blossom on Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" was between Elizabeth Thatcher, played by Erin Krakow, and Jack Thornton, played by Daniel Lissing. According to Celebrating the Soaps, some fans shipped the two actors in real life, believing rumors that suggested they were an item both on screen and off-screen. But it turns out that these rumors were likely never true.

Lissing is currently married to a woman named Nadia, and the two have been posting Instagram photos of themselves cozying up together since at least 2018. Still, Lissing's fondness for Krakow is all true. In an interview with The List, he gushed about his co-star, calling her "a very kind, loving person."

Krakow offered similar remarks on Lissing in an interview for the "Hallmark podcast." She revealed, "He had become such a partner in crime. Our working together, it just worked so well. And it was like riding a bike every time we'd come back to set, it was just easy."

A new rumored couple has since sprung up

While "When Calls the Heart" star Daniel Lissing has flaunted his happy marriage on social media, Erin Krakow has taken a different approach. Us Weekly reports that the Hallmark star keeps her love life under wraps and, at least to the public, appears to be single.

However, an Instagram post had some commenters speculating that she might be dating another "When Calls the Heart" co-star, Ben Rosenbaum, who plays the character Mike Hickman (per IMDb). In the photo posted in June 2022, Krakow and Rosenbaum pose next to each other, along with two other series regulars: Kevin McGarry, who plays Nathan Grant, and Kayla Wallace, who plays Fiona Miller. The four appear to be on vacation together and mixing business with pleasure, with a caption that reads "Celebrating the great S10 news from Italy! We're thrilled!!!" McGarry and Wallace are a confirmed couple, according to ET, and have been dating since 2020. As for Krakow and Rosenbaum, the jury's still out.