Is Matt Cohen Bringing Dr. Griffin Munro Back To General Hospital?

Matt Cohen has been acting since 2005 and has appeared in several shows including "NCIS: Los Angles," "90210," and "Criminal Minds." He became a fan favorite when he made three appearances as the young John Winchester on the hit show "Supernatural" and even directed an episode of the show. But it was his role as Dr. Griffin Munro on "General Hospital" that made him a soap opera star.

According to Soap Central, Dr. Griffin Munro was also a priest who had taken time away from that vocation to answer his medical calling. He came to Port Charles and it was revealed that he was the son of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and was born before Duke came to town and fell in love with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Griffin had a few secrets beyond being a priest but eventually worked himself into Anna's good graces so he could learn more about his father. He previously had an affair with Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) and believed he was the father of her daughter, Charlotte, who turned out to be Valentin Cassadine's child instead.

After the death of Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin), Griffin felt the need to put the past behind him and leave Port Charles. Cohen went on to pursue other projects, including becoming a reporter for Entertainment Tonight (via Soap Hub).

Recently, Cohen posted a video on social media that has fans excited for the future of his "General Hospital" character.

Matt Cohen drops a major, yet cryptic, hint

Former "General Hospital" star Matt Cohen posted a video on Instagram in which he said, "Just out here having a little fun. Not a bad day at all." He tilted his phone camera down revealing a paper that said 'GH CREW,' and in the post he tagged @generalhospitalabc.

The fans were ecstatic to hear that Cohen might be returning to "GH," with several penning "welcome back" posts. Their surprise was palpable with such posts as "Omg does this mean you're back!?" as well as, "I hope your back for good!!!!!!"

In terms of Griffin's future romance potential, one viewer wrote, "This would be so good! Good connection with Sasha! She needs a good guy!" while another said, "...will definitely cause some tension for Ava and Nicholas!!"

Two theories were posted: "This would be so good! Good connection with Sasha! She needs a good guy!" and "Griffin is back to help Silas with a cure for the poison murders that's been going on port charles." Another theory was, "...I think this may be about beautiful Emma Samms returning."

One fan wrote, "Oh yay! Loved seeing you on @generalhospitalabc and @cw_supernatural!" referencing Cohen's stint on "Supernatural," per Hollywood Soapbox. This led to another fan posting, "are you directing an episode? It says GH CREW? We want Griffin back..."

With "Omg YAY!!!!" representing the overall fan response, viewers were overwhelmingly thrilled that Cohen is possibly returning to "General Hospital."