Ethan Plath Is Raving About A Sweet Gesture From Olivia

TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" has taken us for quite the tumultuous ride over the last four seasons since the reality show debuted in 2019 (via IMDb). Following a sheltered, ultra-religious family from rural Georgia, the Plath children, who span ages 9 to 24, attempt to discover and live parts of life they were never exposed to.

Fans who have been watching since Season 1 can most definitely testify to this, as the eldest Plath children — and the heads of the household — are not the same as when the show first aired. For starters, the matriarch and patriarch of the family, Kim and Barry, announced earlier this year that the parents of 9 would be separating after over two decades of marriage.

This may come as a surprise to some, mainly because this split may not have been the only one on the horizon for the family. Fans of the show have been vocal about watching the rocky journey of Ethan, the oldest Plath, and his wife, Olivia, as they adapt to marriage after the honeymoon phase. This past season, the young couple questioned their compatibility (via Twitter).

However, a recent post reassures us that trouble in paradise may be no more.

Olivia shows encouragement for Ethan's love of restoring vintage cars

During Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville," Olivia Plath accused her husband, Ethan, of "living a double life" after he held back information about purchasing yet another old car, as one of his favorite pastimes is reconstructing them.Yet in a recent turn of events, both Ethan and Olivia took to social media to express some sweet sentiments to each other. A carousel Instagram post shows Ethan grinning side-by-side next to Olivia, as well as him gleaming next to one of his beloved vintage cars. 

"Working on my classic cars!" the caption read. "This 1950 Chevrolet was my very first car at age seventeen and thanks to Olivia I still own it today. Every time I see this car or work on it it brings me Pure Joy! Nothing like a good classic and a good woman!"

Olivia also shared the photos of Ethan and his project on her Instagram story, writing: "This was Ethan's first car when he was 17. He sold it before we got married due to buying a house, getting married, other responsibilities, etc. But he regretted it every day," added Olivia with a crying emoji. "So I tracked down the buyer and asked to buy it back. I gave it to Ethan as a wedding gift/bday present so he could always have his first car."

We're happy they're happy!