The Essential Oil Combinations To Improve Your Focus

As life gets busier and the to-do list piles up, you may start feeling overwhelmed. Your mind is likely racing and wandering as you feel the pressure of it all, oftentimes losing your focus and your energy. Before you begin to feel completely hopeless, there are methods to try to balance your mind and focus simply by using essential oils. Because essential oils are concentrated compounds from plants that are distilled and cold pressed, this is a holistic approach. However, research backs many essential oil uses, showing that they bring benefits for energy, focus, mood, motivation, and more. Typically, it is done through aromatherapy in which essential oils are inhaled or applied on the skin, via Healthline.

When getting a hold of essential oils, you want to make sure that you are getting ones that are meant for the use you're going for. For example, make sure your skin oils are safe for skin application. For a diffuser, make sure it's diffuser friendly. Combining essential oils is a way to tackle many things at once. For focus, there are several ways to use them to help get you back on track, via Redefined Mom.

A little bit of everything

The first blend to help improve your focus consists of several essential oils backed by research for its benefits. Start off with one drop of basil oil. According to New Directions Aromatics, basil oil can provide a soothing effect as it helps to eliminate headaches, fatigue, and sadness. It can also boost psychological endurance. Then, add one drop of rosemary oil, which studies have shown to have stimulatory effects through brain waves, the autonomic nervous system, and improving mood. Add two drops of lemon oil to help enhance mood, as studies show that citrus smells are uplifting. Next, add two drops of peppermint oil to prevent fatigue as it gives you energy. Studies on peppermint oil have also shown improvement in exercise performance. Add two drops of grapefruit oil for more energy-boosting effects. Two drops of lavender oil will promote relaxation, as well as help improve symptoms of anxiety or depression, via Verywell Mind.

By combining these essential oils, you are bringing all their benefits into one recipe to help ground yourself better when you need to focus the most. Add each of these drops into a diffuser for the convenience of breathing in the benefits while you work on whatever needs your utmost focus and attention. Additionally, they will make the room smell wonderful, bringing you bliss.

A simple blend

Another recipe to help improve your focus is more simple, but still strongly effective. By combining these oils, you are bringing their full potential as you aim to center yourself and your mind. Like the previous recipe, these drops will also be added into a diffuser.

Start by adding two drops of frankincense essential oil to help reduce any symptoms of stress, anger, or anxiety. According to MOXĒ, frankincense helps promote satisfaction, relaxation, and mental peace, bringing your mind into a calm state in the midst of chaos. Next, add two drops of vetiver oil. Research has shown that this essential oil helps brain function as well as alertness, encouraging it to feel more awake. Lastly, add four drops of balance essential oil to help balance your emotions. According to doTERRA, balance essential oil helps promote tranquility in your mind and body when you begin to feel emotionally overwhelmed. It is an essential oil that helps you ground yourself into a soothing experience.