The Eye-Watering Sum Donald Trump Is Seeking From His CNN Lawsuit Has The Internet Divided

Donald Trump's new lawsuit against CNN is the talk of the internet today. The unprecedented suit seeks a whooping $475 million in punitive damages, with a filing explaining in part, "Beyond simply highlighting any negative information about the Plaintiff and ignoring all positive information about him, CNN has sought to use its massive influence—purportedly as a 'trusted' news source—to defame the Plaintiff in the minds of its viewers and readers for the purpose of defeating him politically" (via NBC News).

Not surprisingly, Twitter was chomping at the bit to share its take on the suit and the immense sum the former president, whose Sharpie antics recently won the internet, is looking to collect from the embattled network. Things kicked off with one person wondering if CNN is even worth the amount Trump is suing for. Indeed, as The New York Times reported in August, the network earned a record-low profit of below $1 billion most recently, while its viewership continues to reach troubling depths.

Of course, many folks online found the lawsuit laughable, with content provider MeidasTouch tweeting in part that the filing is "painfully stupid" and will likely "backfire." The tweet also called the lawsuit desperate.

But not everyone saw the situation that way.

Donald Trump's lawsuit is called both 'legit' and 'pathetic'

As news that Donald Trump is suing news giant CNN for a little less than half a billion bucks went viral, some people applauded the shocking move and its jaw-dropping financial ask. "Trump suing CNN for defamation and seeking $475 million in damages is the feel-good story of the week," former Fox News host Monica Crowley tweeted.

Likewise, commentator Terrence K. Williams got on board with the suit, declaring, "Every Trump Supporter should sue CNN! We all have a case." And another Twitter user called the giant suit "legit." 

But plenty of detractors made their voices heard on Twitter. A former NBC executive's take on the lawsuit was quite different from Crowley's and others who expressed support for the move, with the individual tweeting in part to Trump, "Good luck with that, you psychopath."

Elsewhere on Twitter, a user called the suit "pathetic" while someone else characterized it as "delusional." Finally, someone else commented that you can't sue someone for $475 million just because your feelings got hurt. 

It's worth noting Trump, who has previously ripped into Fox News, hinted that more suits like this are to follow (via PBS).