The Makeup Tutorials That Will Turn You Into A Pumpkin In Time For Halloween

October is here, and as Halloween fast approaches, it's time to get our costumes in order. While you may want to be prepped for a Halloween get-together or even just a spooky-themed night out, that doesn't mean you want to put a ton of work, time, and money into planning and putting together a costume. But for the past few years, it seems that people have gotten more and more inclined to create an elaborate makeup look in place of a full costume. There have been quite a few looks that have been popular; we all remember that deer makeup that everyone seemed to replicate a few years back, and a little cat nose with whiskers is always a go-to via Byrdie. This year, though, we love a seasonal classic that never goes out of style and is endlessly versatile: the pumpkin.

As funny as it may seem to channel your inner Dwight Shrute and become a pumpkin by putting an actual pumpkin on your head, anyone who's tried this knows that this costume idea is much more difficult than it looks. Luckily, with the right tutorial, makeup can transform us into just about anything in time for October 31. Not only is a pumpkin perfectly festive and can be scary, cute, or even goofy, but there are plenty of makeup looks for a DIY pumpkin costume, whether you're a makeup pro or a novice.

Pulling off a partial-pumpkin look

One easy way to pull off a pumpkin makeup look is to only cover part of your face. Half-makeup looks have gained popularity recently for a few reasons, via PopSugar. For starters, it's easier, less time-consuming, and requires less makeup to only do art on part of your face. Furthermore, you can show your true self while still looking dressed up and even do part of your makeup in a normal, glam way. As for creating a pumpkin costume out of a partial makeup look, you've got a few options.

One easy and cute way to do a pumpkin look is by applying orange, pumpkin-y makeup on your eyes or as lipstick, via Cosmopolitan. Pair this with a cute orange outfit, and you'll look festive and put together without having tons of makeup to take off before bed. Another option is to just pick one half of your face and apply jack-o-lantern face makeup to that area. Add a black border to separate it from the non-pumpkin part of your face and do your makeup in that area as you normally would. Another easy option is to add little painted leaves and spots of orange around the outside of your face like makeup artist Amaly Dominguez did for a subtle Halloween look, via YouTube. If you're going for a creepier, more hardcore makeup look, you can even fill the negative space with a protruding stem, like makeup artist, Jordan Hanz, via YouTube.

Jack-O-Lantern Transformation

If you're not afraid of a few makeup brushes and know your way around some face paint, you may choose to opt for a more serious pumpkin makeup style. From spooky to cutesy, there are plenty of different ways to do your makeup to fit your ideal look. If you're worried about how to apply it, you can always purchase a pumpkin face paint kit that will give you the supplies you need and walk you through the steps, via Cosmopolitan

Don't be afraid to paint your whole face orange and go from there. Or, you can skip the orange entirely and opt for a big, graphic jack-o-lantern mouth and eyes, like makeup artist Lesley Marie did when she created her "Glam Jack-o-Lantern" makeup look, via YouTube. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even attempt a special FX makeup look — just be sure to leave yourself some extra time if you haven't attempted it before. Whatever route you choose, pair your makeup with a themed outfit, an orange top, or even all black, and you'll be ready for whatever this Halloween throws at you.