November Sagittarius Vs. December Sagittarius: What's The Difference?

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. The last of the three fire signs and symbolized by the archer, Sagittarius is known for its optimistic and adventurous energy (via AstroOracle). Those born under this sign are often linked to a love of travel, an open-minded nature, and a restless spirit. However, one of the things that people commonly get wrong about Sagittarians is that there is only one version of this sign. A closer look at the zodiac shows us that there are actually three distinct types of Sagittarians, all of which have different tendencies and traits.

Each sign of the zodiac has three subdivisions, known as decans, which cover a period of 10 days. The first decan of Sagittarius takes place from November 22 to December 1 (via The second covers December 1 to December 11, and the third decan of Sagittarius includes the days between December 11 and December 21. Whether a Sagittarius was born in November or December, and what specific decan they fall under, can have a significant impact on their personality and perspective.

The November Sagittarius personality

November-born Sagittarians fall under the first decan of the sign. According to astrology website Future Scopes, those born under this decan have great judgment skills and a quick wit. However, their strong personalities may pave the way for feuds, both with loved ones and with strangers, and temper tantrums happen to be one of this sign's most toxic relationship traits. Astrozella confirms that November Sagittarians can appear "rather self-important and pompous," but emphasizes that they fit into the stereotypical Sagittarian personality of being optimistic free spirits with a lust for adventure.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, and those born in November — or in the first decan — don't have a sub-ruler (via Mysticado). By comparison, the second decan is sub-ruled by Mars, which can make this personality more aggressive. The third decan is sub-ruled by the sun, which may make third-decan Sagittarians more charismatic. These differences in sub-ruling planets often mean November Sagittarians are more assertive than aggressive and are, on average, more philosophical than December Sagittarians. They are also known to be less impulsive than those born at the beginning of December (although they are still spontaneous) and though they are opinionated, they are typically more open to other people's opinions than December-born Sagittarians.

December Sagittarius traits

Sagittarians born in December fit into two categories: second decans and third decans, sub-ruled by Mars and the sun respectively. The astrology experts at My Pandit explain that second-decan Sagittarians in particular really embody the core Sagittarian trait of being restless. They welcome adventure, just as November Sagittarians do, but they tend to make more rushed decisions to keep from getting bored. Those who fall under the second decan are indeed naturally more aggressive than November Sagittarians, but they also tend to be more passionate and courageous thanks to the influence of Mars.

Meanwhile, December Sagittarians who fall under the third decan are actually less impulsive than November Sagittarians, while still being risk-takers. Those born between December 11 and 21 are known for their warmth but are less skilled at reading other people than first-decan Sagittarians. According to Your Zodiac Sign, Sagittarians born later in December care more about their reputations than other Sagittarians and make great leaders due to their ambitious yet patient personalities.

No matter when a Sagittarius was born, they will have a natural tendency toward the core traits of this sign, including a desire for freedom and a strong, determined mindset. But the differing sub-rulers of the three decans tend to refine these traits further, resulting in three distinct Sagittarian personalities: the quick-witted and assertive November Sagittarian, the impulsive and passionate early December Sagittarian, and the ambitious, charismatic mid-December Sagittarian.