Days Of Our Lives' Stephen Nichols And Mary Beth Evans Share One Of Their Final Memories Of Peggy McCay

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that Salem's prominent families are the backbone of the show. In addition to the Horton, DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families, the Bradys have been one of the most beloved broods in the soap opera's history. With Shawn Brady Sr. and his wife, Caroline Brady, at the head of the family, they raised and guided their four children, Roman, Bo, Kimberly, and Kayla, through all of life's ups and downs. They also adopted sons Frankie and Max along the way. The Bradys were also surrogate parents to their children's spouses like Hope Williams Brady, Marlena Evans, Steve Johnson, and Shane Donovan. 

While actress Peggy McCay played the loving and doting mother to her on-screen children for decades, she was just as beloved behind the scenes, according to Soap Hub. Recently, Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols, who played notable couple Kayla and Steve, sat down to reminisce about their time on "Days of Our Lives." They couldn't resist sharing a sweet memory about McCay in the process.

Evans and Nichols remember McCay fondly

Peggy McCay joined "Days of Our Lives" as Caroline Brady in 1983. She remained a staple in Salem until 2016 when the character was said to be suffering from an illness and written off the show. In October 2018, McCay passed away at the age of 90, just one month after the death of her on-screen husband, Frank Parker, per People Magazine. The sudser paid a special tribute to McCay in June 2019, when her character died a few months after the actress' passing.

This week, Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols revealed one of their sweetest memories with actress Peggy McCay — who was one of the saddest "Days" actor deaths of all time. During a question and answer session posted to the soap opera's YouTube channel, the on-screen spouses revealed that they would often visit McCay at her home toward the end of her life. 

Evans shared that McCay loved cheesecake, so Nichols purchased a large cheesecake platter to bring to her. He also played the harmonica for McCay, and she sang along with his music. Nichols said of McCay, "She was one of those actresses who was so connected and so committed. She always brought the game up a few notches. You would just look at her, and she was so in it, it put you in it."

As the longtime matriarch of one of "Days" favorite families, McCay is one star that fans won't soon forget.