5 New Movies You Can Stream For Halloween Season

Each and every Halloween, people turn to the same classic films that the holiday just wouldn't be the same without. However, becoming familiar with your favorite frightening scenes just isn't as scary in the long run. If you're craving some new scares this season, there are heaps of never-before-seen horror movies that are perfect for Halloween.

Even if jump scares aren't your favorite form of entertainment, many newly released films successfully celebrate the same horror — but without all the creepiness that can come with many scary movies. New family-friendly Halloween films as well as unique animations will hit streaming services this month, making a fun (and much less frightening) night for any ghoul or boy.

From the resurrection of three of the world's most famous witches to the epic conclusion of Michael Myers' horrific story, here are five new movies you can stream (from the safety of your sofa) just in time for Halloween season.

Hocus Pocus 2

Fans have waited nearly 30 years for the next installment of "Hocus Pocus." Now, the sisters have once again been resurrected in the long-awaited sequel "Hocus Pocus 2." This time around, however, the film follows an entirely new set of teenagers.

Every Halloween, Becca and her best friend Izzy gather in the forbidden forest with hopes that something magical will happen. After lighting a special candle this year, they accidentally bring the Sanderson sisters to life. Unfortunately for them, these three witches are hungry and still have the same craving from the first film: children!

Stepping back onto set after 30 years "was like no time has passed at all," actress Bette Midler, who plays Winifred, told ABC News – and many fans of the franchise feel the same watching.

The success of the sequel has skyrocketed, just like the popularity of the first film over the last few decades. Since the sequel's premiere on September 30, it's become the No. 1 premiere ever to stream domestically on Disney's platform. "Generally, what's happened is: this generation has grown up and handed it off to their kids," actress Sarah Jessica Parker explained.

Now, the brand new installment can be passed down to the next generation every Halloween. "Hocus Pocus 2" is available to stream now on Disney+.

Halloween Ends

As the spooky season is just beginning for all of us, the finale of a famous holiday franchise is about to be unveiled in "Halloween Ends." 

The latest installment picks up four years after the last film, "Halloween Kills," took place. Murderer Michael Myers has mysteriously vanished, and with that, his previous victim Laurie decides that now is the time that she can finally enjoy her life without fear of him hiding in the shadows. However, a new murderer in town has her convinced that evil is afoot, setting off a series of events that lead up to the final hours of Michael Myers' long-lived story.

"'Halloween Ends is the inevitable conclusion of a 44-year trip that started with this little girl in Haddonfield, Illinois who had her life interrupted by this incredibly violent act, this incredibly violent human," star Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie, told Entertainment Weekly.

After all these years, Curtis is now waving goodbye to her iconic character in this final "Halloween" film. "Now we've created the final confrontation, that final battle between the final girl and her monster," she said. "And it's incredible."

"Halloween Ends" is available to stream starting Friday, October 14 on Peacock.

Wendell & Wild

Stop-motion animation has become a staple of the season with films like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "ParaNorman." In that same supernatural realm comes a new terrifying tale called "Wendell & Wild." These two demons are willing to do whatever it takes to travel to the Land of the Living — including haunting a girl's dreams. Inside her head, these brothers lure her into helping them out of the underworld.

Crazy enough, making this film was really as if the world was ending. The crew had to pause production for a pandemic, battle extreme heat, and even escape uncontrollable forest fires to have the film made. "We had to rescue the puppets from the stages, because the fires in Oregon near Portland were so bad and getting close," director Henry Selick told Deadline.

This film has been a long time coming, being the first feature-length story that Selick has told since "Coraline" in 2009. It's also the first time Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key have reunited since their successful Comedy Central series "Key and Peele" ended in 2015 — and the director knew they were the perfect duo to play Wendell and Wild. In fact, he even decided to base the characters' designs on these actors' faces. "I kind of felt like, if I'm going to work with Key and Peele, I kind of wanted the demons to look a little bit like them," Selick said.

"Wendell & Wild" is available to stream Friday, October 28 on Netflix.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

If you're searching for a film that has a solid mix of laughs and scares, "The Curse of Bridge Hollow" could soon be your favorite Halloween movie.

The story follows a teenager named Sydney, who has just moved from a big city to the small, boring town of Bridge Hollow — that is, until she discovers the home she has moved into is haunted. After unearthing an old lantern in the attic, Sydney unknowingly places a curse on the town, bringing all of the local Halloween decorations to life. These lawn ornaments are now out to destroy Bridge Hollow, and the only ones who can stop them is this brand new family in town.

Actress Priah Ferguson, who plays Sydney, brings about the same sass and charm as her "Stranger Things" character Erica. Pairing her with the hilarious actor Marlon Wayans is sure to elevate the laughs and create a larger-than-life Halloween film that no viewer will forget.

"I loved the movies of Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus and Richard Donner growing up, that nostalgic feeling of seeing something special and different and magical. And that's really what we tried to do with this film," director Jeff Wadlow described to Netflix News. "We really wanted that '80s Amblin [Entertainment] tone, but with a modern sensibility, and I hope that that's what people experience when they watch the movie."

The adventure comedy "The Curse of Bridge Hollow" is available to stream Friday, October 14 on Netflix.

The Munsters

"The Munsters" played on small screens all across America back in the '60s. Now, the larger-than-life black-and-white characters are being showcased in color in a brand new movie.

The film tells the origin story of how the vampire Lily met the love of her life, Herman Munster. Nothing could ever get in the way of their supernatural romance — until Lily's father is bound and determined to end their relationship.

Though fans of the original series are familiar with these iconic characters, director Rob Zombie promises the film isn't anything that audiences have seen before. "It's out of touch with the style of how people make movies now. But that was what I felt that it had to be," he explained to Variety. "I approached it in other ways at first. What if I light it realistically? It didn't seem right. It needs to be hyperreal."

The newest rendition of "The Munsters" is available to stream now on Netflix.