How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're A Cancer

The season of Libra, which runs from September 23 through October 22, is all about balance. Libra, an air sign, is represented by the scales, which makes sense, as this part of the zodiac is focused on harmony, justice, and peace. While people born under the sign of Libra feel drawn to these values most deeply, Libra season inspires all of us, regardless of the sign we were born under, to evaluate these aspects as they relate to our own lives (via The Beacon).

This year's Libra season will have all of us taking careful stock of which parts of our lives feel out of whack. If something is out of balance, whether in our personal, professional, or romantic lives, the issue is likely to make itself glaringly known at this time, giving us an opportunity to utilize the power of Libra season to find renewed, healthy harmony. Depending on your sign, this is likely to play out a bit differently. 

If you are a Cancer, here's what you need to know.  

Cancer traits

Cancer is a water sign, represented by the crab (via Allure). If you were born between June 21 and July 22, that's you! The crab is the perfect representation for this cardinal water sign, as those born under it are equally adept at navigating both the world of water (emotions) and the world of earth (practical daily life). Cancer is a person who appreciates time at home very deeply, and they are careful to curate that home in a way that aligns with their values. This means they will choose a place to live that resonates with them, and they will be highly selective about with whom they share that home. 

They make wonderful partners and friends, as they are able to empathize with the most complicated emotional experiences and also offer real-world, practical advice and solutions. But when it comes to their own lives, they can sometimes get out of balance, focusing too much on one element or the other. This is where Libra season can serve Cancer well, by helping them to realign with their innate ability to balance the worlds of earth and water seamlessly.  

How Libra Season will affect Cancer

Cancer, this Libra Season has you focusing on your home (via Cosmopolitan). Something about your home life feels off kilter right now. Whether you are thinking of moving, redecorating, or perhaps beginning (or ending) a cohabitation situation with a partner, you are feeling the need for a change. Home is the hearth of your life, Cancer, and you value it even more than most people. Do not ignore what your gut is telling you about how to find better balance in your living situation. 

If you are wanting to decorate for holidays and invite friends to share your space, do it. If you are deciding whether to take the leap and invite your significant other to become part of your home, listen closely to your heart. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to make your living space the comforting, inspiring, love-filled place you need it to be. Be the crab; trust your heart and intuition (water) and then make those practical real-world changes (earht) to achieve what your heart wants. You are perfectly equipped to do both, dear Cancer, and with Libra in your corner, this is the time!