Donald Trump Suggests George H.W. Bush Be Investigated For This Reason

Former president Donald Trump is no stranger to legal issues. The last several months have been especially complicated for Trump and his legal team. Following the infamous raid on his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, the 45th president brought in new lawyers to help him fight his case; however, it's been far from smooth sailing, CNN reports.

Chris Kise, a new addition to Trump's crew of lawyers, was brought on in hopes of helping him battle the slew of legal woes plaguing him. However, it appears he has been sidelined as the team prepares to deal with the fallout — the FBI found 11,000 presidential documents in Trump's home.

On top of that, Trump is mixed up in several other lawsuits, including some for his shady business practices in New York, and the possible impact he had on the January 6 raid of the nation's Capitol (via Vanity Fair).

While the former president is in the middle of his own legal battles, it appears he is trying to bring up past presidential issues. He's taking aim at the late former president George H. W. Bush, and the reason behind these allegations is surprising.

Trump made some questionable statements at a recent rally

It's no secret that former president Donald Trump is known for lashing out at his political opponents. He has taken issue with many of his colleagues on Capitol Hill, mostly dishing insults at those who were in favor of his impeachment (via NPR). However, it seems that he is not opposed to instigating problems between himself and deceased former presidents.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump recently spoke at a rally in Nevada and made some interesting allegations against former president George H.W. Bush. He stuck to those claims when he spoke at a different rally in Arizona the next day.

"George H.W. Bush took millions of documents to a former bowling alley and a former Chinese restaurant where they combined them. So they're in a bowling alley/Chinese restaurant," Trump claimed. "By contrast, I had a small number of boxes and storage at Mar-a-Lago — very small, relatively — guarded by the great Secret Service." He then stated that the 41st president should be investigated for these claims. H.W. Bush's son, Jeb Bush, responded to Trump's allegations against his late father in a tweet.

"I am so confused," said Jeb. "My dad enjoyed a good Chinese meal and enjoyed the challenge of a 7-10 split. What the heck is up with you?"

These claims may have come from a 1994 article that stated the former president kept documents at an old bowling alley, but that there is not enough room for these millions of documents Trump claims were kept there.