Everything We Know About The New Members Of Winter House

Bravo TV already gave fans everything they could have hoped for when releasing "Summer House." Finally, a show filled to the brim with dramatic chaos and drunken summer nights. No one could have predicted that they would take it one step further by providing us with the gift that is "Winter House." Merging together cast members from "Southern Charm" with the "Summer House" classics along with some newbies all thrown together in a winter cabin with no choice but to get drunk and clash repeatedly, it's truly a gift. 

While fans were unsure whether "Winter House" was a fluke, Bravo decided to give the people a second round, per Bravo TV. "Winter House" Season 2 has officially aired with a completely revamped look, and we aren't just talking about the cabin's interior. Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are officially a married couple, Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are officially official, and well the rest of the house is here for a good time as always, per Us Weekly. But as with every new season of the franchise, a few newbies join the OGs. New additions can be hit or miss, they either don't mesh well with the cast or are simply hard to remember. With three new additions to "Winter House" Season 2, fans are still wondering whether they'll be one-season wonders — but here's a bit of background.

Rachel Clark

The first addition to the "Winter House" cast is actually a familiar face if you've been watching closely. You may remember the chaos that ensued when it came to Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's wedding prep, but one shining savior came through in the form of Rachel Clark salvaging the floral arrangements. Somehow, her brief cameo has escalated into her officially joining the crew for the second time at the winter cabin.

Clark is a florist, but she's also single and has quite a few options to pick from in the cabin. Bravo TV even teased the likelihood of her pursuing someone throughout Season 2 as they hinted, "When a new romance sparks in the house, Rachel will have to figure out if she's ready to deal with her hesitations about commitment and learn to open up."

From the very first episode of Season 2, it's clear that Clark will get along just fine with the house. She's also the only one that will ever actually wake up early and clean up. Clark has definitely already spruced up the house with her very first move being upgrading the floral arrangements, naturally. Opening with, "My relationship with winter is toxic, I was not made for the cold," there's hope that Clark's romantic relationships in the house won't be as toxic. While she has yet to vibe with anyone, the preview seems to hint at two flings for Clark this winter– one being with the next new addition.

Kory Keefer

When Craig Conover introduces a new friend into the house, you can only expect chaos to ensue. As Kyle Cooke so aptly pointed out, the fact that newbie Kory Keefer was in the same frat as Conover and essentially had him as a "role model" isn't a good sign either. Keefer is a gym owner that seems to definitely be here for a good time as he immediately partied it up on the very first night with his new housemates. While Keefer may have seemed to play it cool when it came to the ladies in the premiere episode, the teaser for the rest of the season makes it very clear that he isn't sticking to that. 

Keefer even boldly put it himself, "The girls in the house have no idea, but I'm kind of pursuing all of them at this point." Yikes. It looks like Keefer has his sights set on Rachel Clark, Ciara Miller, and newbie Jessica Stocker. As Ciara Miller dubs him the "heartthrob of the house right now" it's clear that Keefer intends to get to know the single ladies very well.

Jessica Stocker

Jessica Stocker may not be a familiar face, but everyone in the house definitely noticed how much she looks like OG Lindsay Hubbard. A detail that makes things all the more interesting considering the fact that she is brought into the house by Jason Cameron — Hubbard's ex-fling from Season 1 of "Winter House." There's no telling the kind of mess that is guaranteed to unfold the second that Hubbard joins them all. For now, however, the real estate agent, investor, and entrepreneur is already setting out to start her own drama. 

Stocker entered the house side-by-side with Cameron who clearly was interested in pursuing something with her, however, in the premiere episode she immediately beelines for Luke Gulbranson which is guaranteed to get interesting. Gulbranson made his interest in her very clear, and Stocker definitely confirmed the feelings are mutual as she plainly shared that she isn't into Cameron like that — almost simultaneously as he was in the other room telling his housemates how he hopes to pursue something with her. Sounds like the exact type of mess we all deserve to watch play out on TV.