Why This Trending Haircut Is So Perfect For The Thin-Haired Girls

150 times. That's how often women change their hair style over their lifetime according to a survey by Toni&Guy, per Express. From trying out a different color — here's how to choose the right color for your skin type — style, or cut, women seem open to trying something new.

Changing up your hair has some psychological benefits; for many, since hair is often an important element of one's appearance, it has an impact on your self-confidence, per Psychology Today. A dramatic change to your hair, if done on an emotional whim, can end up causing regret, psychologist Elaine Slater told Red. On the flip side, a big change can be empowering.

Either way, for a lot of people, hair is definitely a part of our self-identity. So choosing a flattering cut and style when it's time for a haircut is a big deal. Hint: here are some haircuts to avoid. One popular haircut on TikTok that you should consider, particularly if you have thin hair, is the U-shape. Check out some examples here and here. Here's why.

The U-shape haircut mimics how hair grows naturally

The U-shape haircut is where your hair basically makes a U when it's dried — the back and middle of the hair is longer than the sides, per Refinery 29. It's like the popular V-shape haircut, Stephen Buller, co-founder of Buller + Rice hair salon explained to Refinery 29, "The U-shape haircut is a more subtle, versatile shape, and this allows for layers with a more even outline."

And the reason that the U-shape haircut is particularly good for hair that's thinner is with that subtle shape it delivers volume; as hairstylist Rachel Selt told Allure: "The sides of your hair compared to the back section are much thinner so that U shape will instantly take that 'stringy' look away while giving you a nice, blunt-looking cut."

With lighter ends, since the U-shape haircut is usually paired with layers, it gives more volume compared to a one-length cut, and it also matches up with how our hair naturally grows, per Hair.com.