How To Wear Fake Eyelashes With Glasses

Anyone who has tried to wear glasses with a full set of falsies has experienced the struggle (and annoyance) of the lashes pressing up against the lenses. You're either forced to wear your glasses unnaturally lower than where they should sit on the bridge of your nose just so you can blink comfortably, or you can't wear any false lashes at all. That doesn't seem fair. Why should anybody have to choose between being able to see and wearing their favorite pair of false lashes?


Eyelashes really are an important part of every beauty routine. Annie Le, founder of Mademoiselle Lash, told InStyle that false eyelashes singlehandedly contribute to the wow factor in any makeup look. "Your eyes set the tone for your finished look, and not even eyeliner can have as much of an impact as false eyelashes," she said. Do you wear glasses but want to rock a luscious lash? No problem — here's how to do it. 

Choosing a smaller lash length is helpful, but not necessary

The obvious answer to this dilemma is to wear shorter fake eyelashes so that they don't flare out and hit your glasses. For those who don't necessarily prefer a dramatic look, opting for a lightweight, smaller eyelash is the way to go. Bustle recommends the Eylure Accents False Lashes, Style No. 003, as they are natural, affordable, and easy to apply. For those who want a thicker lash, Scala 3D False Eyelashes are a great option, as they give that extra oomph without brushing against your lenses.


However, for those who really want to keep the theatrics that fake lashes can provide — luscious, long, voluminous, and just plain extra — there's a solution. The trick is to either find false eyelashes that have a natural curl to them or simply curl them yourself. When lashes are curled, the hairs stick upward toward the eyebrow instead of outward toward the lenses of your glasses. In fact, many makeup artists prefer the look of eyelashes that stand up rather than out, often taking an eyelash curler to the lash before gluing it on the lid (via Glamour).

What about eyeshadow and other eye makeup?

While it's true that any eyeshadow look can be worn under glasses, there are techniques you can use to help make your eyes pop behind a pair of lenses. Wearing glasses can make the eyes less visible, so using makeup to bring them to the forefront can be helpful. However, going heavy on the eyeshadow is a no-no. Instead, create a strong look with eyeliner. Glasses tend to create a natural shadow around the eye area, so applying too much eyeshadow can dull the eyes completely. Adding a white or colored liner to the waterline is a great finishing touch to make the eyes pop.


For the makeup base around the eyes, opting for a yellow-toned concealer is recommended since there may be an appearance of a shadow from the glasses, and a yellow concealer will help cancel that out (via L'Oréal Paris). Applying a setting powder is perhaps the most important step in the base routine, as it prevents your glasses from causing crease marks on your nose and around the eyes. Complete your look with your favorite lipstick, whether nude or bold, as all eyes will be on yours either way.