BravoCon 2022: Patricia Altschul Gives Heartwarming Update On Michael The Butler's Recovery

Fans of "Southern Charm" were heartbroken when it was revealed that Patricia Altschul's beloved butler, Michael Kelcourse, had suffered an acute spinal cord infarction, also known as a spinal cord stroke, in February 2021. "Although this tragedy has caused significant nerve damage and impairment, with the help of the outstanding physicians at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, we are hopeful Michael will soon recover,' Patricia's son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, shared in a statement to The Daily Dish at the time. 

Michael had been working for Patricia since 2004. In her memoir, "The Art of Southern Charm," Patricia described hiring Michael as the "best thing I could have done." She even quipped that her longest relationship was with her butler. "My longest marriage lasted 15 years, so Michael is the most stable relationship I've ever had," she said, per People.

While Michael could mix a mean cocktail, Whitney also marveled at his mastery of butler service, as well as Michael's keen intellect. He also appreciated Michael's loyalty to Patricia. "Michael, he's devoted to mom," Whitney said in 2018. "He's the nicest guy in the world. He's invaluable to my mom because he helps with her coterie of animals."

An acute spinal cord infarction is a rare infliction, with only up to 1% of people impacted by it, per Practical Neurology. Michael underwent intense physical therapy to recover from the stroke, with Patricia giving frequent updates to fans on social media. And she shared some positive news with the crowd at BravoCon 2022.

Patricia revealed Michael is living in Florida and can now drive

Patricia Altschul revealed at BravoCon 2022 that her former butler, Michael Kelcourse, is doing well and living in Florida. According to a reporter from The List, Patricia sat on a panel with fellow "Southern Charm" cast members Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green, Kathryn Dennis, Madison LeCroy, Craig Conover, Marcie Hobbs, Olivia Flowers, and newbie Venita Aspen.

Patricia noted that Michael is paralyzed from the chest down and is living in Sarasota, close to family members who are able to see him daily. "I sent him to the Shepherd Center, which is the foremost center for spinal cord strokes," she explained, per People. He now lives in an assisted living facility with nurses but has been rehabilitated to the point where he can drive a van. Michael is now working towards his goal of walking again.

Patricia also commended her friend's "wonderful attitude." She added, "He loves 'Southern Charm,' loves the fans." She even encouraged everyone to send him positive messages on his Instagram account, especially since he loved interacting with viewers when he worked for Altschul. "He used to stand out in the front of my house making up chores to do because I have fans around my house all the time," she said. "He loved to give garden tours and take pictures — so send him a message, that would be really nice."