TikTok's Latest Acne-Busting Hack Involves Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

TikTok has become the new answer fountain for all questions you can possibly have. From TV recommendations to skincare routines, it seems that there's nothing that hasn't been covered on trending TikTok videos. The latest beauty craze on the app came from comedian and influencer Elyse Myers who revealed the secret to her clear skin and involves a product you probably weren't expecting. "Before you spend a lot of money on skincare products, just hold on, just go buy Head & Shoulders and wash your face with it and see what happens," Myers said in the viral clip.

The 28-year-old content creator said that she has tried other skin-specific products but none of them have given her the results that dandruff shampoo gives her. "I had a dermatologist tell me that the zinc in dandruff shampoo is incredible for your face," Myers claimed. So, what does the science say about TikTok's latest skincare trend?

Dandruff shampoo may be work for acne-prone skin

There are different types of acne categorized by root cause — one of them is fungal acne and it unleashes when the naturally-occurring yeast on your skin infects the hair follicles (via Wexner Medical Center). Different from bacterial acne, fungal acne doesn't show white or blackheads and tends to be itchy. You need an anti-fungal treatment to battle against this type of acne and for that you may opt for oral or topical treatments. 

According to Healthline, selenium sulfide shampoo — which is used to treat dandruff — can be a tool to eradicate fungal acne. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine, explained to Allure how to effectively use shampoo to treat acne. Gohara recommends switching your daily cleanser for dandruff shampoo and letting it sit for one minute before washing it off. "It needs some contact time to work, not just a quick on-and-off situation," Gohara explained. However, note this treatment won't work for bacterial acne, so make sure to identify your type of acne before trying this viral treatment.