How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

Libra season, which runs from September 23 – October 22, is a time that focuses squarely on balance (via The Beacon). Represented by the scales, the air sign of Libra is all about justice and harmony (via Allure), so this time of year often brings any issues of injustice, disquiet, or unfairness to the surface. Libra inspires all of us to take a closer look at any part of our lives that feels out of whack; if something feels out of place in your love life, professional life, home life, or personal life, it is likely to make itself known at this time so that you can do something about it. 

Regardless of our own zodiac signs, Libra season inspires all of us to harness the energy of this sign to bring better harmony into our lives so that we can go forward more peacefully without the distraction of an imbalance eating away at us. If you are a grounded Capricorn, read on to learn how this Libra season affects you personally.   

About Capricorn

Capricorn is a grounded, driven earth sign (via Allure). Not only do they have the ability to create practical solutions in all manner of stressful situations due to their mastery of the earth realm, but because of their strong emotional intelligence, they can do this while at the same time never losing sight of the emotional, human element of any situation. Their empathy coupled with their ambition is what makes Capricorn such a unique and powerful sign. Yes, they are driven to do their very best and reach lofty, high-standards goals for themselves professionally and otherwise, but they are also never okay with stepping on others to get there.

Capricorn does tend to be very career-oriented, but those careers almost always align with whatever their humanistic passions are. In other words, a Cap who is passionate about improving the lives of children is likely to be an incredible teacher or social worker. A Cap who wants to protect the environment is likely to aim to run an influential non-profit or run for political office. 

The challenge that Capricorn often runs into in their professional lives is finding balance between them, and their own personal needs. They care so much about doing and being their best for others that they can sometimes leave themselves out in the cold.  

How Libra season will affect Capricorn

This Libra season is all about justice and balance in your professional life, driven Capricorn (via Cosmopolitan). Major projects you've been putting your heart and soul into for some time are finally coming to fruition, and it's beautiful to see your hard work pay off. While we know you don't do what you do for praise, you are likely to finally receive some recognition you have long deserved for all that you do. This could be a raise, a promotion, a new gig, or meaningful results from a long-term project. 

You hold yourself to such high standards at all times, it can be frustrating when your efforts are not seen, noticed, or appreciated. This is the time that all of that should come back into better balance, and you should feel more fulfilled, peaceful, and satisfied than perhaps you have in your professional life in some time. Well done!