The Best Plants To Keep In Your Sunroom

As you go through all the weather changes of the seasons, a sunroom is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of being inside. If you have a sunroom, further elevate your experience through adding houseplants as an even better way to bring the outdoors inside. It adds another level of charm into the sunroom in a simple, yet beautiful way. Because of the variety of houseplants, there are so many types, styles, and even colors to choose from. There are several ways to also play around with placement and displays for intentional design and function (via Decoist).

Additionally, potted plants are fairly easy to take care of. Many houseplants will thrive under such bright natural light, so it is the perfect place for them. Not only will the plants serve as beautiful, natural decor, but being around houseplants can offer an array of benefits for your health (via Healthline). Create a natural oasis in your sunroom where you can have breakfast, read a book, take a nap, or have a relaxing escape.

Add color with flowers

Because of the bright natural light coming from the sun, adding flowers into your sunroom would be an excellent choice. It's a way to not only have some plants inside that would otherwise be outside, but also a way to bring houseplants with color into the room. With many varieties of color options, you can pick and choose what you like best or what would best fit the aesthetic of your interior design choices. With flowers, you can find colors like purple, red, pink, and more in many shapes and sizes for the flowers and their leaves (via Nourish + Nestle).

Hibiscus flowers are a perfect choice for a sunroom because they love bright, sunny climates. Full sunlight is best for these flowers which can usually be found in colors like red, orange, pink, and purple. You will need to make sure you upkeep with their water needs so they do not begin to dry out by using a tight pot with proper drainage. Place them where they can get full sunlight during the day as well as some shade in the evening (via Sunshine Sunrooms).

Consider adding African Violets into your sunroom because this purple flower also loves the full sun. Additionally, it is great at surviving the fall and winter with its year-long blooms. You will need to keep this plant in its own pot, give it liquid fertilizer, and provide some form of humidity for its care.

Keep it green

You can also opt to stick with the green-toned plants that are sure to thrive in a sunroom. If you would like to hang some plants up, the Boston fern is the perfect way to bring that green in with simple care. Boston ferns prefer indirect light, so hanging them strategically will help do the trick. This plant is often popular on porches, so a sunroom is the perfect way to bring it inside. It will require you to make sure their soil is moist at all times. Bringing it inside will also help make sure it doesn't get fried in the summer heat without water (via Nourish + Nestle).

Incorporate a low-maintenance plant into your sunroom such as the spider plant. They are happiest in indirect light. It's important that you find a pot with proper drainage for it, but it is a forgiving plant if you ever overwater it. Once the soil dries out, it can make a full recovery. It is a hardy, long-lasting, and beautiful indoor plant (via Garrety Glass).

As you bring the outdoors inside, you might want to consider bringing some small trees into your sunroom. An Anita Cane tree is a perfect way to bring some voluminous greenery into your space. According to LivingSpace Sunrooms, these would look great in a corner with direct sunlight. In fact, it is also a pretty durable plant that can withstand most growing conditions as it resists disease or pests.