How The October 25 Partial Solar Eclipse Will Affect Earth Signs

Solar eclipses can be a very exciting — or nerve-racking — time for astrology enthusiasts. From the April 30 solar eclipse in 2022 to the June 10 eclipse in 2021, the 2020s have already had some interesting astronomical events. According to NASA, a solar eclipse is when the moon gets in between the sun and Earth, eclipsing the sun's rays on Earth. Moreover, a partial solar eclipse happens when the moon is not in the direct path, causing a slight leak of sunlight to those on Earth (via Merriam-Webster).

A partial solar eclipse is coming on Tuesday, October 25, per And although the only people who will likely be able to view it IRL live in specific areas of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the astronomical event can still affect everyone, whether they can see it in person or not. The notoriously pragmatic three earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — typically value structure and routine (via MindBodyGreen), so they might be nervous about how this partial solar eclipse can interfere with their lives. However, the best way to prepare is to understand how it'll affect your sign, and we know the likely effects coming for these diligent earth signs.


Please don't panic if you're a Taurus, but this zodiac sign is expected to be one of the four signs that will experience the most significant effects from the partial solar eclipse, per StyleCaster. Don't assume that these effects will be all negative or scary, though. Instead, get ready for some changes regarding relationships, as this area of your life will probably be the most affected. Thus, the partial solar eclipse might help you come to your senses, leading to you finally end a toxic relationship. Or, on the other hand, you may feel inspired to take a healthy, happy relationship to the next level.

According to Co-Star Astrology, people born between April 19 and May 20 belong to the Taurus sign and are often resistant to change and typically prefer being in serious, long-term relationships over casual flings. Therefore, we understand that the idea of changes in romantic relationships might seem intimidating or uncomfortable to this comfort-loving sign. However, as long as you trust your instincts and remind yourself that these changes happen for a reason, you have nothing to be worried about. You shouldn't lose sleep over the upcoming partial eclipse.


Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are infamously detail-obsessed, per Astrology Zodiac Signs. While some other, less meticulous signs often get bored by small details and frequently overlook them, Virgos love to analyze anything and everything, helping them notice things that many people may not. That intense dedication to observing and noting all the details sometimes gives Virgos a bad reputation for being too judgmental or fussy. However, Virgos should use that detail-oriented attitude like a superpower during this partial solar eclipse — that mindset could lead to something great.

For instance, someone you meet at a party might casually mention an excellent freelance opportunity when you're talking about work, so you should be sure to pay attention to all the specifics they give you and ask for more information if needed (via Bustle). Or, a friend might have information about your crush's relationship status, and finding out that they're single may inspire you to finally ask them out on a date. Therefore, you should be sure to do what you do best and listen to all the info!


Last but not least, we could never forget about Capricorns. The partial solar eclipse's effects on this earth sign aren't as black and white — the changes that Capricorns will face will likely be more internal than external, at least at first. According to StyleCaster, this partial solar eclipse means it's time for Capricorns to move on from thoughts and ideas from their pasts and deeply think about their purposes in the world and their passions. Your conclusions might lead to changes in your friendships and future, so be honest with yourself and contemplate what you want in your life.

With birthdays between December 21 and January 20, Capricorns are typically super mature and often avoid showing their emotional, vulnerable sides, per Co-Star Astrology. However, Capricorns shouldn't be afraid to get emotional when thinking about such serious and personal matters. Pondering your purpose in the world and your genuine passion can be an emotional topic to think about, so you shouldn't feel ashamed of or embarrassed by your deep feelings during and after this partial solar eclipse — or ever.

So, earth signs, hopefully you're ready for what the October 25 partial solar eclipse has in store for you.