We Wish You A Married Christmas Is The Hallmark Movie Every Couple Should Watch This Year

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

'Tis the season for holiday shopping, tree decorating, cookie baking, and most importantly — Christmas movie watching. And be honest, is there really a network that provides all the cozy Christmas vibes better than the highly coveted Hallmark channel? With its "Countdown to Christmas," which features 31 new holiday movies every weekend from the end of October to Christmas day, Hallmark releases several films that are bound to resonate with everyone.

And for our couples? There's one out there for you too. Hallmark's new, "We Wish You a Married Christmas," which premiered October 22 (and can be streamed on Philo and Sling if you don't have cable), is the perfect feel-good holiday movie that shares many valuable lessons in love that you and your sweetie should definitely watch together.

"We Wish You a Married Christmas" takes you on a cozy Christmas ride that follows married couple of 13 years, Rebecca (Marisol Nichols) and Robby (Kristoffer Polaha), on their journey to falling back in love. Per the recommendation of their marriage coach, the struggling couple goes away for a Christmas holiday to a quaint, Hallmark-esque town (that will make you want to immediately teleport there). Twists and turns ensue as the couple learns major lessons in navigating their marriage, with an ending sure to make you smile. Grab a comfy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and (of course) your partner because this is a Hallmark movie you won't want to miss.

This movie provides a major lesson in love that every couple should hear

When city slickers Robby and Rebecca (and their cute pup Jerry) arrive in the tiny festive town of Gracious, Vermont, they don't expect it to do much for their failing relationship. Rebecca even booked a two-bedroom suite for their stay (ouch). After the first night, they realize they don't know much about each other anymore, and it's obvious they've stopped making each other a priority. The distance between them was so vast that Rebecca didn't realize her husband was away for two days on a work trip earlier that year, and Robby had no idea that Rebecca had gone vegetarian in the last few months! Talk about unaligned priorities. "I've missed you for years," Rebecca told her husband. "How do you say that to someone who's standing in front of you the whole time?"

Once they get away from New York City and take the time to work on their relationship, everything changes. Through working together, communicating, and reminiscing on happier times, they naturally begin to open up and understand each other's points of view in a different light. They learn that sometimes things can be put back together even better than before, no matter how shattered they become. One of the innkeepers told Rebecca, "Nothing is ever perfect — no one especially. But sometimes you just need to rip everything apart and make a total mess and rearrange it the way you want it to be."

You never know who is rooting for you and your relationship

Turns out, some of the townspeople in the small town of Gracious were "in" on the task of getting Robby and Rebecca to fall back in love. Throughout the film, different business owners and locals had a hand in keeping the couple in town, despite their many efforts to return home. Even though Rebecca and Robby were total strangers, it didn't stop the kind residents from embracing the couple and providing thoughtful insight to help strengthen their relationship. Rebecca's mother even called the pair while on vacation, suspecting they weren't in the best place. She told her daughter that all she wanted for Christmas was for Robby and Rebecca to be happy.

Although, yes, this is a Christmas Hallmark movie, and not everybody you encounter will care about your relationship, studies show that people receive the most satisfaction when they make others feel good, due to an innate need to feel connected to people, via Forbes. So even though you may not get the chance to go on a Christmas vacation filled with compassionate strangers to fall back in love with your partner, you never know who in your life is rooting for your happiness — chances are, it's more than you think.