What You Need To Know About BIAB Nails And Their Benefits

The beauty industry is seemingly always on the hunt for new trends in nails. When so many habits and styles can destroy our nails, you may be on the hunt for fake nails that won't leave you with dry and brittle nail beds.

BIAB nails, short for "builder in a bottle," are a structured gel manicure that are meant to strengthen your natural nails, via POPSUGAR. Created in the UK by The GelBottle Inc., they are similar to the gels typically used for manicures, except that they come in a bottle for easy application. Even though it's applied like regular nail polish, BIAB nails can lengthen the nail and help you create the shape you want.

Unlike gel polish that weakens natural nails, BIAB nails strengthen nails by creating a protective barrier. Not only are they soak-off gels, but they are harder than your average gel polish, preventing brittle nails, via Woman & Home. BIAB nails can also be worn alone or in conjunction with gel nail polish.

Benefits of BIAB nails

While most gel nail polishes on the market are made from animal byproducts, according to PureWow, builder nails are vegan. They are also cruelty-free, so no animal testing is involved in the creation of the product. Aside from the vegan and cruelty-free aspect, one of the best parts of BIAB nails is their ability to mend and repair your broken nails.

If you're a nail biter that's hesitant about getting gels or acrylics, the BIAB formula will heal and reshape your nails as you see fit. Builder nails also come in various neutral colors that mirror your nails, making them great for a natural look and for jobs that don't allow funky colored nail polish or acrylics, via Refinery29.

With the long-lasting formula, you can switch up the colors and designs of your nails frequently, without having to remove the nail itself. If you're worried that leaving the nails on for a few weeks will turn your natural nail beds yellow, don't. The GelBottle Inc. designed their BIAB formula to be non-yellowing and non-shrinking.

While the benefits of BIAB nails surpass that of gel manicures, the price does not. POPSUGAR reports that builder nail manicures cost around $35-60, which is about the same for a gel manicure, depending on your location.

How to take care of BIAB nails

BIAB nails last considerably longer than gel nails, staying chip-free up to three weeks compared to gel's 10 days to two weeks, via Get the Gloss. These nails are also similar to acrylic nails with the ability to get fill-ins. This means that rather than completely removing the nails when you have new growth, you can simply use builder gel to "fill in" the growth.

In order to prolong the wear of these nails, make sure you're taking care of them, especially after the first 24 hours of getting them done. Avoid activities that involve heat such as taking hot baths and washing the dishes. Wear cuticle oil and wash your hands frequently, via Treatwell.

The removal process for BIAB nails are identical to gel nails. They need to be gently buffed and then soaked off with acetone, via Stylist. Due to BIAB nails having a stronger texture than typical gel nails, it may take a bit longer for them to come off. Despite the removal time, this new nail trend is certainly worth a try.