Who Is Gabby Barrett's Husband, Cade Foehner?

Country music singer Gabby Barrett's husband Cade Foehner — the inspiration behind her song "The Good Ones" — is also a country singer and has been in the music industry since he was a teenager. However, not too long before he started playing music, Foehner was a rodeo star, and now on top of his music career, he is also a minister (via Brides). There is a lot you don't know about the "Breathe Out" singer! Starting as contestants against one another on "American Idol," Barrett and Foehner have come a long way since they tied the knot in 2019. They've gotten married, welcomed their first child together, and even supported each another on Barrett's tour! 

Today we are about to take a deep dive inside the life Foehner. From playing guitar in a band growing up to his time on "American Idol" and Katy Perry's massive crush on him during Season 16 of the singing competition show, we are about to give you the inside scoop on everything we know about the country artist. Continue reading to find out more about who Cade Foehner is!

He has his own music career

You may recognize Cade Foehner as the other half of his country-singing wife, Gabby Barrett. What you didn't know is that growing up, he has always been involved in music. Since he was 13 years old, Foehner has been playing guitar (via CCM Magazine) and eventually took his talents to compete on season 16 of "American Idol." Although he made it to the Top 5, he didn't win the competition. Foehner continued with his music career and has released multiple singles since then, including "Breathe Out," "Baby, Let's Do This," "Southern Hallelujah," "Crown," and "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" (via Spotify). The Texas native is known for his rustic, rocker, soulful voice. 

Throughout their career, Barrett and Foehner have attended red carpet events together, such as the 2022 ACM Awards and the 2021 iHeart Radio awards (via People). Additionally, they starred in Barret's mini-documentary on Amazon Music, "Breakthrough." In the documentary, Barrett discussed working on her 2020 album "Goldmine" in quarantine with Foehner amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and how it strengthened their relationship. "We just love spending time with family. That's something that we've loved during this time of isolation. We've been really thankful for that," she said. "I'm so proud of my darling wife and all she's accomplished. It is such a joy to see her honored. This was a fun project to be a part of. Hoping y'all like it!" Foehner said in response.

He's worked with Gabby Barrett

Name a better power duo; we'll wait! Country singers Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett each have their own successful singing careers. Not only have they each created their own music, but they also played parts supporting and working with one another! In 2020, Barrett released her album "Goldmine," and her husband helped co-write her song "Got Me," a duet with Cristian artists Shane & Shane. "He's always been extremely supportive of my music, and I've been that way towards him. It's exciting that we're doing that together now, and he's playing guitar on the road with me," Barrett said. "You know, we do all this together. It's really cool to have your spouse out there with you" (via Country Now). 

Barrett opened up to People that a lot of her inspiration behind the album came from her relationship with Foehner. "I think being married and in love and all of that changed how I write songs and what I want to sing about and the type of songs that I like," Barrett said. "So I think this album was made up of songs that you'll see a lot more of in the future — things about my life now and what I've been going through." Not only has Foehner helped co-write a song on the album, but he also joined his wife on tour! A husband and wife that tour and write songs together seems pretty iconic to us!

Before he focused on singing, he played the guitar

Growing up, Cade Foehner always loved music. He is a great singer with an incredible, soulful voice. But when he was first starting out as a teen, he was fully focused on just playing guitar. From his time in his band Johnson's Lost Crowes as the lead guitarist to his solo career to now playing alongside his wife Gabby Barrett, Foehner is known for being a country rockstar that knows how to work an electric guitar. In a 2018 interview with Talent Recap (via YouTube), Foehner chatted with the outlet about his starting in the music industry, his rockstar style, and of course, Katy Perry's massive crush on him when he was on "American Idol." "When I started in music, I was a guitar player, like, that was the first thing I ever did was play guitar," he said. "I kind of became a singer out of necessity, and I wanted to be in a way, but I just wasn't very good for a long time." 

You know what they say, practice makes perfect! Eventually, Foehner continued working on his singing and combined both skills to put on some amazing performances throughout his career and time on "Idol." "The singing overtook the guitar playing after a while because now, I do consider myself a singer," he said.

He competed on Season 16 of American Idol

Little did Cade Foehner know that appearing on "American Idol" would soon change the entire course of his life and career! Foehner appeared on season 16 of the singing competition show back in 2018. The singing Texas rockstar took the show by storm, making many fans fall in love with his voice, including pop star and judge Katy Perry. Although he didn't walk away from the competition with a first-place grand price, he left with something even greater: love. That same year country pop star Gabby Barrett was also competing on the show. Neither of them won the competition; Barrett finished in third place, and Foehner was eliminated in the Top 5 (via Yahoo! Sports). However, Barrett initiated the start of their relationship (via People). 

In an interview with PopCulture in November 2019, the "I Hope" singer admitted she made the first move because of their quick connection. "He has a really cool look, my husband ... he has lots of hair, just super cool rocker dude, and I wanted to make a video with him of us singing together. And so I initiated it. I didn't think he liked me at first, but then he texted me and I was like, 'Oh I see what's going on here,' so it was a mutual thing, but I went after him first," Gabby admitted. The rest is history. A year and a half later, the couple is married!

He used to be in a band called Johnson's Lost Crowes

Long before Cade Foehner was on "American Idol" and releasing singles such as "Baby, Let's Do This," he was part of the band Johnson's Lost Crowes. According to Reverb Nation, the band originated from central Texas and includes four members, Foehner being the lead guitar player and vocals, Dillon Reynolds on drums and vocals, Julian Johnson playing bass guitar, and Jayson Guzman on rhythm guitar. The band has released several songs, including "Six Feet of Water," "Put on my Love," and "Through the Gallows." In May 2014, KTRE ABC 9 reported that at just 17 years old, Foehner attended and performed at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Foehner won the competition and became the best guitarist under 20 in Texas. "I've never had to like make it perfect but we did. Like I mean there was no mess ups. It was pretty flawless. The most flawless we've ever played," Foehner said.

After years of working as a solo artist, Foehner's bandmates are not surprised at all his success, especially back when he was on "Idol." "He would go in his music room where he practices. He practices six hours a day, sometimes seven, just playing guitar," Johnson told KTRE in 2018. "He's always been real kept to himself and to see people like wooing over him, I guess it's a little weird, but I'm not surprised that he's on the show." 

He is a former rodeo star

Like many classic born and raised Texas natives, Cade Foehner was also a former rodeo star! Long before he was a professional singer and performing on "Idol," Foehner was riding horses as a kid like the country boy he is. In an interview with Center Broadcasting Company in 2018, Foehner explained his love for riding horses growing up and the accident that would be why he gave it up entirely (via YouTube). "I rodeoed my whole life...but I broke my leg riding a horse. So I asked for a guitar for Christmas and picked it up, and then I just kind of fell in love." After the accident, Cade would realize his passion for music and eventually become the star that he is! (via Yahoo! Sports). Whether you believe in fate or not, the world wouldn't have the country star it does today if that accident had never happened. 

Despite the accident, he still seems to have a love for horses and farm animals! Across his Instagram page are photos of him with horses and farm animals with his family. Whether he is riding a horse in the sunset with his daughter on his lap, having fun on the farm with his wife, Gabby Barrett, or simply sharing cute Instagram pictures of baby cows for our viewing pleasure, being on the farm is still an active part in the family's life. 

He is a minister

If you are a long-time fan of "Breathe Out" singer Cade Foehner, you know that his faith plays a large part in his life. His Instagram bio reads, "Husband, Father & saved by grace through faith in Christ." Across his profile, he actively posts about his beliefs and even shared that he was learning Greek for his faith, too! "Almost done with my 2nd semester of Koine Greek. Reason for doing it? It's on the cup – Revelation 1:9 "on account of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus," he wrote in December 2021. 

While on "American Idol," Foehner and judge Katy Perry hit it off immediately. During a performance that left Perry speechless, she shared that she "saw some things" that her minister parents might not have approved of and potentially censored (via YouTube). Similar to Foehner, Perry grew up in the church where her parents worked as traveling Pentecostal ministers (via Distractify). Foehner responded, "I'm a minister, too, so it's OK." Perry would later share that her mom approved of Foehner and thinks he is a star! While Perry live-streamed watching "Idol" with her mother, her mom had plenty of great things to say about the country singer and his performances. "I love Cade because he's got the whole package. He's a minister, he's singing rock and roll. The guys good!" she said (via The Christian Post). 

He tied the knot with Gabby Barrett in 2019

Who says you can only find love on reality TV dating shows? The two "American Idol" alums, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett, officially got engaged in March 2019 (via E! Online). After the big announcement, the couple revealed to People that there was a special full-circle moment while visiting Los Angeles for a pre-marital counseling session and visit with their pastor that "Idol" fans would immediately love. "The hotel we were staying at while we were there was the same one me and Cade met and hung out in for the first time during Idol," Barrett said. "So I told Cade we have to go back and check out the room and he agreed." Little did she know that Foehner already had a photographer waiting in the room for a pre-planned photoshoot, but really, he was planning on going down on one knee to propose. The rest is history!

Seven months later, in October 2019, the singing couple was officially married! The two had a classic rustic Texas wedding celebrating their Texas background in front of 100 friends and family, People reported. In September 2020, the couple received marriage advice from her country-singing idol, Dolly Parton. "You have to work at anything. Marriage is a business too, and you got to look at it like that. You got to make the right decisions for all the little things that come up," Parton told Barrett, according to People.

They've starred in each other's music videos

Couple goals include starring in each other's music videos! One of the sweetest things about Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett's relationship is that they support each other's country music careers. In October 2019, Foehner released his single "Baby, Let's Do This" and the music video featured a special someone! Just 10 days after officially tying the knot, the singer released a new song featuring his new bride (via Taste of Country). The video portrays the story of a young couple running away together to get married. Although it isn't entirely based on their relationship, the video does feature a proposal and real photos from their actual wedding reception!

In November 2021, Barret's music video for her third single on her 2020 "Goldmine" album "Footprints On The Moon" featured her hubby, too! In the video, we witness a sweet family moment between Barrett, Foehner, and their baby girl Baylah May, according to Taste of Country. Naturally, we got some clips of Foehner showing off his impressive electric guitar skills throughout the video. In May 2022, Foehner also starred in Barrett's video for "Pick Me Up." In the video, we watch a love story unfold between Barrett and her real-life husband as they go through life, welcome a baby into the world, and grow old together. One thing stays the same throughout the video, their love for one another no matter how old they get (via Good Morning America). 

He loves being a dad

It's a girl! In August 2020, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett announced the news exclusively to People that they were expecting their first child, a baby girl! From the very beginning, Foehner was beyond thrilled to become a dad. "I get to have two Gabbys!" Foehner said about the baby. "One's not enough." In January 2021, Barrett and Foehner announced the sweet news on Instagram that they officially welcomed their daughter Baylah May on January 18th. One year later, on Mother's Day of 2022, the country-singing couple announced they were expecting baby No. 2, a boy! "Happy Mother's Day to my amazing, strong, and fruitful Bride! She is currently carrying another precious life made in the image of God. A son to bear our name into the next generation," Foehner wrote, sharing the news. In May 2022, Barrett displayed her baby bump alongside Foehner while the stars appeared on "American Idol" for a special performance of her song "Pick Me Up" during the season 20 finale of the singing competition, according to People.

For Father's Day, Barrett shared a special Instagram tribute to her husband and praised how great of a father he is to their daughter. "Happy Fathers Day firstly to my husband! What a great dad you are! We are so blessed & you are so needed in this family," Barrett wrote as her caption to a slideshow of photos. We can't handle all the sweetness!

Gabby Barrett dedicated a song to her husband

You know your partner is one of the good ones when you write an entire song about them and literally title it "The Good Ones." Barrett released her hit single in her 2020 album "Goldmine" and co-wrote the song alongside Emily Landis, Jim McCormick, and Zachary Kale. In an interview with The Boot, Barrett discusses how Foehner and their special relationship inspired her to write the song. "At the time, when we were writing it — it was me, Zach Kale, and a couple other people who wrote it last year — I had just been thinking of when we were dating, at the time during 'American Idol,' people in my family would ask me, like, 'How's your boyfriend doing?' And I'd be like, 'Oh, he's good. He's a good one. He's a keeper. And I've heard other girls say that, too: like, 'Oh, he's a good one.' I've heard 'a good one' said a few times." 

Just that line alone inspired her next single, which her fans would eventually fall in love with. "When people ask me about Cade, how he's doing or how we're doing, I always end up saying, 'Oh he's great, he's a keeper, he's a good one.' That's where the song came from — appreciating what I've got and what he means to me," Barrett said of the song (via Country Now). Patiently waiting for someone to write a love song about us like ... 

Cade Foehner surprises Gabby in the sweetest ways possible

Whether it is a performance together or giving sentimental gifts, Foehner makes us believe in love. In April 2022, while Barrett was performing at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, Foehner pulled up beside his wife and serenaded her with a song he wrote just for her. "So this song is one that I do for my wife, I wrote it for her a long time ago," he shared. "I wrote it for her when we first started dating, and I figured I'd play it out here for you. It's called 'I Love You.'" (via Taste of Country). Yup, our hearts melted. 

In May 2022, Barrett revealed in an interview with TC & Dina B at an Audacy's Leading Ladies event that Foehner gifted her one of the most special gifts for Mother's Day. "My husband is very sweet. Nobody knows about this, you're the first people that I'm telling this to," Barrett said. "This ring that I have on, is actually a ring — this white part is breast milk which you can save and preserve as a gift for mothers, and the top is her birthstone — my husband got it made for me because he knew I really wanted to do that" (via Country Now). Barrett said that the ring is "the perfect gift" and she looks forward to passing it down to her children one day.

Aside from his music career, he also makes YouTube videos

Like many artists, you can find Cade Foehner sharing several videos on his YouTube channel. Looking at his profile, the country artist has over 45K subscribers and is designed with a banner that reads, "Theology &  Music. Christ crucified, Christ proclaimed." Throughout the channel, Foehner posts a lot about his music career. You can find the singer posting several covers singing different songs, including "Rocket Man" by Elton John, "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, and "Make it Rain" by Ed Sheeran. 

But the singing content doesn't stop there! Foehner also shared many teasers before the official release of his hit singles, including "Southern Hallelujah," and even behind-the-scenes and inside looks at creating the song. The last four videos Foehner shared on his profile weren't so much focused on music but on theology and discussing his Christian faith. Foehner hasn't uploaded a video since 2020, so it's safe to say his channel isn't the biggest priority in his life at the moment, but it's great to look back and revisit the making of some of his classic singles!

Gabby and Cade made the decision to keep their kids out of the spotlight

This duo is not playing around when it comes to their social media pages and what they choose to share with their fans online! In January 2022, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett announced on Instagram that they do not plan to show their daughter Baylah's face online, despite many fans continuously asking for photos (via Us Weekly). "For the people constantly commenting on Baylah's face being blocked out of pictures, she is our daughter," Barrett wrote on her Instagram Story. "We will not purposefully take pictures with her face in them because we keep her face identity private" The "I Hope" singer further stated that she and Foehner decided to keep their daughter's face offline because they are "protecting her from weird predators" and ask their fans to "Please respect how we've decided to protect our child."

The announcement came just hours after the country-singing couple each shared some of their favorite photos on their Instagram accounts celebrating their daughter's first birthday with a trip to Disney, with a black heart emoji covering her face. Since then, every photo of the "American Idol" alums daughter has also either been covered or not shown, whether with a Christmas present emoji or just her simply facing the other direction. It's safe to assume that the couple will keep up with the same picture-sharing strategy once they welcome baby No. 2!