What You Should Know About The Spiritual Tattoo Trend

When it comes to tattoos, there's a whole world from which to choose. If you want to keep it old school, there are the heavy dark lines and colorful pieces. If you want to lean into the technological advancement in tattooing equipment, there are dainty, fine line images. If you're someone who wants to be on the up and up with tattoo trends, then there are glow-in-the dark and the ignorant tattoo trend. There's truly something for everyone and every taste.

But whether you're more traditional or prefer the latest trend, tattoos have very much come into the mainstream over the years. Although once something that was part of the subculture, so to speak — read: punks and bikers — that's no longer the case. According to a survey by The Harris Poll published by Cision PR News, almost half of Millennials (47%) and over one third of Gen-Xers have at least one tattoo. In comparison, only 10% of Baby Boomers have waltzed into a tattoo shop and gotten some ink.

Such numbers have rightly given way to a burgeoning interest in tattoos. This brings us to the tattoo trend of the moment: spiritual tattoos.

What a spiritual tattoo is

As society becomes more conscious of the fragility of life and the planet on which we live, some people are leaning toward spiritual tattoos. Spiritual tattoos can be anything from chakras to mandalas to Buddha, or other similar images (via Dragon Skincare). It's basically anything in which one finds levels of personal spirituality or something that celebrates their religion or values. 

"[Spiritual tattoos] are deeply associated with healing, balance, growth, rebirth, and positive energies, therefore many people associate with them," owner of Gorilla Tattoo Paphos Nic El tells Bustle. "They're usually tattooed in the dotwork style, an extremely detailed work that incorporates a massive amount of dots to create the image."

Because spirituality can be found in different places for different people, spiritual tattoos are individual and can run the gamut. That's one of the things that makes them so unique and personal to each person who dons them. Color choice, too, can add to the individuality of each one. 

Why someone might want one

Not only are spiritual tattoos beautiful, but those who have them see them as symbols that are both meaningful and protective in nature. For example, the hamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima is meant to ward off evil encounters, per Ancient Symbols. Chakras, another common spiritual tattoo, represent the energy centers in the body that impact physical and mental wellness — something that those who practice yoga are well aware of, according to Healthline.

For most of us, the Covid epidemic put a lot of things into perspective. Even those who didn't lose anyone to the virus were still affected in ways no one could have imagined even three years ago. In getting spiritual tattoos, people are leaning toward their religion and spiritual roots, and how these facets of us can be even more appreciated and useful in our daily lives.

"Spirituality helped many people find peace in the crazy world of 2020," tattoo artist and founder of Tattoo Influence Patrick Belk tells Insider.

No matter the reason behind your spiritual tattoo, if this is a trend you want to get in on, then you definitely want to make sure it aligns with who you are. While mandalas and hamsas are beautiful, if you're not sure the meaning behind them, then you might want to opt for an ignorant tattoo instead. This is also trendy these days, but it doesn't require delving into something you may not relate to or be.