Jedidiah Duggar Discusses The Biggest Misconception About His Family

With so many family members to follow, there is always something new coming from the Duggars. The Arkansas natives rose to prominence as the stars of TLC's "19 Kids & Counting" and "Counting On," which documented their lives as a family with more than a dozen members. Living in the spotlight is never easy and the Duggar children don't shy away from sharing the difficulties that come with it. Jedidiah Duggar, the 23-year-old son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, was the latest one to open up about it. 

In a recent Q&A, the tenth Duggar child admitted that he is happy with his current life off-camera. "It was special but it was just a season of life and so I'm loving this season just as much or more than I did back then," Duggar said in the YouTube video about his time as reality TV star. The TLC alum went on to discussing more about his marriage with Katey, whom he married in 2021 and shares a child with, and his parents.

Jed Duggar disagrees with his parents in several aspects

In a video shared on his family YouTube channel, Jedidiah Duggar and his wife, Katey, got candid about what it is like to live under the spotlight and the ins and outs of their family dynamics. "Oh, you're brainwashed. Your parents control you. You're all gonna have probably the same number of kids or have a lot of kids," Duggar said, referring to comments he has received over the years. "My dad will even sometimes... We'll have an argument, disagreements where we'll just talk things out, and it's healthy." Despite the disagreements, Duggar explained he has a good relationship with his parents who he loves a lot. "They aren't perfect, I know that, but I love them for who they are," he said.

"Of course, when you come from such a huge family, people automatically ask, 'Okay, are you gonna have 19?' [...] but it's different for each couple,'" Katey said, expanding on how they, as a couple, don't necessarily see themselves following in the footsteps of Jed's parents. "We love kids and we would love to have a bunch of kids but that doesn't mean that our whole life is focused on how many [we have]."