The Most Unique Hotels You Can Find In Rome

There are countless reasons why Rome is an excellent destination to choose for your next vacation. For instance, this Italian city is one of the world's fashion capitals (via Fashion Schools), making it the perfect place for fashion lovers to treat themselves to some glamorous shopping and people-watching. Plus, the iconic Accademia di Costume & Moda fashion school is in Rome, and we can't forget about Rome Fashion Week!

In addition to fashion, Rome is famous for its delicious food, such as Cacio E Pepe — a cheesy pasta dish, La Carbonara — an eggy, pork and pasta plate, and L'Amatriciana — another yummy pasta, per The Roman Guy Italy Travel Blog. Not only is Rome super fashionable with tasty food, but it's a beautiful place. After all, there are more than 28 million posts dedicated to #rome on Instagram, as people love documenting all the beautiful sights they see when visiting the stunning city.

If the city's fashion, food, and gorgeous views have you feeling inspired to travel to Rome, you'll need to find a hotel, and you shouldn't have to settle for anything boring. Luckily for anyone who aspires to visit this vacation spot at least once, we know the most unique options.

The Spagna Royal Suite

According to GlobalGrasshopper, The Spagna Royal Suite is the number-one unique hotel in Rome. It's ultra-luxurious, and one of the stand-out features for certain room options is a sparkly red bathtub shaped like a high-heeled shoe, and the interior design in any of the rooms will take your social media feeds to the next level. The Spagna Royal Suite is located near many places to shop and is super close to the Spagna metro station. Like many hotels, you have a choice of what type of features you want.

One luxurious suite option is the Glamour Deluxe — a website exclusive — which features perks such as a double bedroom style, that one-of-a-kind shoe-shaped bathtub, and free-Wifi. Moreover, the Family Suite is great for families or sets of friends, featuring two double beds, a huge whirlpool, and Netflix. Then there's the Classic, which is smaller than the other choices but still exudes an upscale vibe.

Of course, staying at such a glamorous hotel isn't going to be cheap. Rates for a night at The Spagna Royal Suite range from €289 to €756. However, if want to save up for an unforgettable getaway, this hotel will likely be worth the splurge. The Spagna Royal Suite has 4.3 out of five stars on Google Reviews, and one happy reviewer described it as, "The best hotel in Rome."

The iQ Hotel Roma

TripAdvisor recommends the iQ Hotel Roma if you want to stay somewhere unique for a few reasons — this stylish hotel has a terrace with a view of the Opera House, in addition to a gym, a sauna, and convenient vending machines that offer anything from snacks to wine to umbrellas. The modern rooms flaunt sleek looks at the iQ Hotel Roma, and you can choose between six different room options depending on where in the hotel you'd like to be and how many people you're traveling with. Plus the front desk is available all 24 hours each day so you can ask questions at any time, and the hotel is located within walking distance of public transportation stations.

According to TripAdvisor, you can expect to pay around $158 for a normal room in the iQ Hotel Roma, and the hotel has over four out of five stars with more than 5,000 reviews. One pleased reviewer "Wouldn't go anywhere else!" The reviewer also wrote, "From the minute we arrived, the staff were so friendly and helpful . . . The hotel itself was very clean, secure, in a great location, and had fantastic amenities."

Hotel Maalot

Anyone who loves bold colors and patterns must check out the Hotel Maalot (via Condé Nast Traveler), as this hotel features colorful rooms with unique styles, art, and furniture. So, if you love maximalist fashion, loud prints, and color blocking, this is the hotel for you. And according to Hotel Maalot website, this boutique hotel is within walking distance of beautiful views and shopping and offers white-glove service. Inspired by hats, the hotel's 30 rooms feature various hues and details. For instance, you can opt for a luxurious Superior Room for two people, with features including bright coral walls, furniture with intricate patterns, desks, and rain showers.

Furthermore, another one of the many options is the One Bedroom Suite for three people. These suites have bold fireplaces in the living room, double sinks in the bathroom, and colorful furniture. The price for a one-night stay at this hotel costs from €531 to €630 at the time of writing, so it's expensive, but you'll be paying for a unique, rare experience. Plus, the hotel has a perfect five-star review on TripAdvisor, and one happy reviewer wrote, "Perhaps the most magnificent 5 star boutique hotel we have stayed at in many many years! The hotel itself is simply beautiful, unique and quirky. Our suite was simply fabulous, very large and beautifully decorated."

So, are you going to book a stay at the glamorous Spagna Royal Suite, the sleek The iQ Hotel Roma, or the whimsical Hotel Maalot?