White Lotus Star Haley Lu Richardson Uses These Instagram Vitamins To Manage PMS Symptoms

Despite her relatively young years, Haley Lu Richardson already has a number of impressive, high-profile roles to her name opposite bonafide A-listers including "Five Feet Apart," in which she played Cole Sprouse's love interest, "The Edge of Seventeen," which featured Richardson and Hailee Steinfeld as BFFs who are torn apart by an unlikely romance, and horror movie "Split," where she battled against a villainous James McAvoy with fellow up-and-comer Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Richardson's most grown-up role to date is undoubtedly the world-weary Portia in "The White Lotus." And, as the actor clarified to The Guardian, "I've retired from playing teenagers." As far as Richardson is concerned, that time in her career is over. However, the talented star still deals with a lot of the same issues she tackled as a teen herself, including PMS and associated symptoms such as cystic acne. Thankfully, Richardson has a hack for surviving PMS that we can all easily use. 

The actor confirmed these supplements have really made a difference

Sometimes it's easy to forget celebrities suffer from common inconveniences like PMS too, but "The White Lotus" star Haley Lu Richardson recently reminded us she's no different when it comes to cramps and acne while providing her skin-care and makeup routine in a special video for Vogue. Adorned in zit stickers and a pink headband, the actor slathered on a face mask and revealed her top tip for making PMS more bearable. 

According to Richardson, she always begins her regimen by taking vitamins and supplements, including the Flo PMS Vitamin Capsules. "I totally succumbed to an Instagram ad and ordered these," she admitted. "They're supposed to be for PMS and hormonal acne and everything. I've been taking it for two months and both my periods within those two months have been so much easier and I haven't gotten those underground, painful cystic zits."

Started by brother and sister "partners in PMS problem solving," Flo's mission is simply to "make PMS suck less," according to their website. They list four major ingredients in their PMS supplements, which are available in either gummy or capsule form. Chaste berry alleviates hormonal acne, mood swings, and breast tenderness while Dong quai helps lessen cramps and bloating. Lemon balm aids digestion and alleviates stress, and B6 helps control cravings and mood swings. In addition to their PMS vitamins, the website also offers skin care vitamins, prebiotic fiber vitamins, and a women's multivitamin too.