The Duggar Family Member Who's Dying To Get On A New Kind Of Reality Show

The popular reality show "19 Kids and Counting" showed the world a family whose main goal was to thrive through conservative moral principles and clean living. Episodes typically centered around outings to thrift stores, aquariums, and other wholesome destinations. And, while many of the older Duggar sisters got married on the show, they were no "Real Housewives" — in fact, they became real housewives, devoted to raising children and creating a cozy home. 

On the other end of the family spectrum was Amy Duggar (now Duggar King), the niece of strict patriarch Jim Bob Duggar. She was close to her extended family growing up and often appeared on the show in its early seasons. However, it soon became clear that Amy was different from the rest. Per Us Weekly, Amy was known as "the black sheep" or the "wild child" of the family because she openly defied her uncle's rules about such issues as choosing a spouse through courtship rather than dating. 

Unlike her female cousins, Amy also had career ambitions, at one time heading to Nashville in hopes of breaking into the country music industry (a respected producer frankly told Amy she was "horrifically awful," per Radar Online, so those dreams were effectively crushed). The official Duggar-related series has been off the air for quite some time now, but Amy recently revealed she wants to get back into reality TV in a very special way — and one she would never have been allowed to do years ago.

Amy Duggar King would love a chance at the Mirrorball Trophy

Most members of the Duggar family are happy not to be on TV anymore, likely because their show was so mired in controversy. Not so Amy Duggar King. Although she has an active Instagram account where Amy shares happy moments with her husband and their adorable son, she has her eye on a personal goal too. 

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Amy confessed she'd love to compete on "Dancing with the Stars." Amy revealed that back when she was on "19 Kids & Counting," she actually got an offer to take part in the show, but an unidentified family member forbade it (an insider claimed it was Jim Bob Duggar himself). "Well, my family doesn't believe in dancing and ... I was on the show at that time," Amy explained. 

She continued, "[T]hey did not want me to dance because that's a 'sin.' And I was told I couldn't [take part] simply because that's wrong and that's not what women do." This also applies to those who still live at home since even after they turn 21, the Duggar kids aren't allowed to do certain things. But Amy has no such restrictions now. 

"I would have loved to have done it," she admitted. "I've never danced a day in my life ... but come on — let's do it. ... I'm ready." Is the world ready to watch a dancing Duggar? It'd be fun to find out.