Gifts You Definitely Should Not Buy For Your Wife

Everybody wants to feel appreciated and loved by their partner, and much of that depends on how well their love language is understood and fulfilled. There are five key ways romantic partners feel loved, one of which is receiving and giving gifts (via Very Well Mind). If someone falls into that category, they feel the most loved with a "tangible item." That doesn't mean they need to be showered with expensive gifts, either. In fact, even a small token that says "I thought you would like this," means the world to someone with this love language.

Nevertheless, some people just want to feel like their partner put effort into gift giving during special holidays, like Christmas and birthdays. In fact, a recent study found that 47% of the 2,000 Americans who participated admitted to receiving a gift from their partner "that showed little effort or understanding of things they actually like." Don't want to be this person? Nobody wants that for you either (especially your partner). Here are some gifts you definitely shouldn't buy for your wife.

Avoid gifts that scream: 'I didn't know what else to get you'

When giving gifts to your wife, it's important to understand that most women naturally have a tendency to place a lot of value on the worth of a gift, as shared in a study by the International Center For Research on Women. Have you ever given your wife a gift and the look on her face doesn't correlate with the words coming out of her mouth? She may say, "Wow, I love it!" but her face says, "Really?" That's because many women also have a tendency to protect their partner's feelings when they receive a disappointing present. Therefore, it's essential to truly understand what your wife likes and dislikes instead of giving generic gifts.

That being said, you should avoid giving an incredibly unthoughtful gift card (per That Sweet Gift). Nothing says, "I have no idea what you like, but I'm sure you can find it at this store you always go to," quite like a generic gift card. It's a great gift idea for a sibling or an uncle, but not your wife. Also, avoid giving your wife gifts that are typically on her monthly toiletry list, like deodorants and feminine products. Even makeup can sometimes send the wrong message, especially if you don't know the difference between concealer and lipstick. It's also recommended not to gift your wife anything body-related: gym membership, scales, workout equipment, etc. (per Family Education). No decent partner wants to send the wrong message, and those gifts are sure to do just that.

So what gifts should you buy for your wife?

Glad you asked. The first thing you want to do is write down everything your wife likes, including activities she enjoys, hobbies she has, her personal style, etc. Is she a crafty woman who enjoys painting and scrapbooking? Perhaps she would love a crafting membership, a new stylish tote bag for her supplies, or a custom stamp with her name on it (per Taste of Home). Does she enjoy stylish fashion pieces and is seemingly always dressed up? Look for diamond or gold-plated jewelry, a handbag organizer for the inside of her designer purse, or a beauty box subscription (via Insider).

Or maybe your wife is a thrill-seeker who enjoys new experiences and doesn't define her life with materialistic items. Surely, she would love a white water rafting expedition, a romantic helicopter tour, tickets to a comedy show, or a hot air balloon ride (per Cozy Meal). The point is, once you narrow down your wife's interests and style preferences, it will be a million times easier to select a gift you can confidentially know she will love. Yes, choosing the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but remember — as long as it conveys that you genuinely care about your wife's interests, you'll do just fine.