The Haircut Trend That Makes Your Grown-Out Bangs Seem Purposeful

Did you go for short or wispy bangs in the summer and don't know what to do now with the mid-size strands? We have all been there. The interim period between short and long styles can be really dreadful, especially during the winter as your hair is more prone to breakage. To encourage healthy hair growth, it's important to follow a good hair care routine that focuses on hydration and breakage repair.


Waiting for your bangs to grow can be a period of experimentation to rock new hairstyles that otherwise you wouldn't have tried. Pins and clips will become your best friends as you can use them to hide your growing strands in sleek looks like the Barbie ponytail, which pairs a high ponytail with tucked-in bangs behind one ear (via PopSugar). You might also consider baby braids, a romantic look that can beautifully frame your face no matter your hair's length or texture (via Glamour).

Butterfly bangs might be the style you've been looking for

Beyond keeping your hair strong and sleek, you might need a little trim to reshape your growing strands as you wait for them to get to your regular hair length. A butterfly fringe is the way to go. The cute style inspired by the curvy wings of butterflies is taking TikTok by storm and is set to be one of the hottest hairstyles this winter.


According to celebrity hairstylist Brendnetta Ashley, the butterfly fringe is a longer and more layered take on curtain bangs, full of volume and movement. "To truly see the effect of the butterfly fringe, this look is great for hair that is styled and smoothed out — so straight to a soft wave," she told PopSugar. If you want voluminous hair all around beyond just your bangs, consider the butterfly cut, which also relies on layers to create volume (via InStyle). The butterfly bangs and cut suit any hair type and texture, but if you have curly hair make sure to get the cut done dry so that you get the desired length without it shrinking.